Someday: Disease That Will Take Your Dreams to The Grave


I often hear people say they are putting something off, or they don’t have time for it, promising themselves they’ll do it “someday.”

But when is ever a good time? If you look hard enough, there’s always an excuse—and often, you don’t even have to look that hard.

It’s astonishing how people prioritize their lives; this is probably the main insight I’ve gained so far.

If you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 job that doesn’t bring you joy, if you have passions or opportunities that could be more beneficial for you or your family, why continue to let that job take precedence?

Is it because that’s what society expects, or because it’s the “done thing”?

If I have any regrets, it’s that I didn’t pursue trading full-time sooner. It might seem easier said than done, but if you’re serious about changing your path, I urge you to take the leap—the payoff is truly worth it.

I’m currently reading a book that underscores the importance of diversifying income and continual personal development. I’ll wait until I’ve finished it to write a more comprehensive post, but it’s already proving to be quite enlightening.

What are you holding off? Is it time to take your trading to the next level? Check out the Video Pack Course.


York is featured on Channel 4 this week, which generally means an uplift due to the higher quality of races. Day 1 looked promising, with some significant turnover in the mid-afternoon as expected. The cards in between were quite decent too.

As usual, I eased myself into the trading. This approach is something I always recommend for big events because people often dive in too deep and get burnt by conditions that are slightly different from the usual. Moreover, the better quality races tend to occur later in the week at such events, so it really doesn’t make sense to get overly excited early on!


Good luck if you’re carrying on today!

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10 thoughts on “Someday: Disease That Will Take Your Dreams to The Grave

  1. Is it just me thinking I am seeing something that isn’t really there, but do you tend to make more profit on a race the longer time gap since the last one. 10mins or more, bigger profit then 5mins between races.

  2. Hi anon, currently not at the moment. It’s just the guide on the link above.

    Dean, it looks that way in this screenshot a little although I only ever trade for around the same period so would say its coincidence!

  3. Hi Anon,

    No real reason to knock the trainning on head with Jack other than we seemed to have different levels of motivation and while the summer racing was on a monday evening would have been better spent trading finantially.


  4. Hi Caan

    I have been trying to crack this trading game since 2008 off and on I attende Centaur Academy with a guy calle The Badger,I took alot from it but just cant seem to crack it………I could really do with your help mate Im really on the verge of giving up

    Can you help?

    Cheers dude

  5. Hi Ray, sorry to hear you haven’t quite made where you want to be just yet. At the moment the only help i offer is the Trading guide on the link above, It can feel like that at times but i really would advise you dont give up yet. As thoman edison said ….. many of lifes failures are people who gave up when they didnt realise how close to success they were!!!


  6. Very true Caan…..I think its just hard at times but trying to work with a £300 bank is so difficult and just when i thought I have cracked it I will go lose another few quid

    I may take you up on your guide let me just try and make a couple of quid first

    Something has just got to give….I just feel Im nearly there I just need ironing out so to speak lol

    Cheers Dude


  7. Hey Rayza, I have struggled with finding a strategy that works in UK racing, however, if you watch long enough, maybe take screenshots of graphs, you will find that patterns emerge. Don’t give up, I almost did until I gave it another go, and trust me, there is no greater feeling conquering the beast that is Betfair.

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