Exercise, Diet & Routine – Making a Difference

How important is it? Does it really make a difference?

Until now, my focus has been on mindset and the mental approach to trading the markets. Those of you who have followed my earlier posts probably understand just how crucial this can be.

Previously, I’ve discussed how trading to certain types of music affects my results, as does being hungry or angry! So, why would having a routine, getting the correct amount of sleep, maintaining a proper diet, and engaging in physical exercise be any different? I don’t think it is.

Perhaps it’s more noticeable now because I’ve recently upped the stakes and intensity. To stay on top of your game, these elements are vitally important. I’ve heard of other traders who integrate routines like running 8 miles a day before trading, eating healthily, or taking various herbal remedies to stay ‘sharp’ and ‘relaxed’…

For me, enjoying a cold beer mid-session always helps me relax. It might differ for others, but that’s what works for me. Recently, I’ve been pushing myself to exercise more regularly. It’s starting to improve my general well-being, which in turn positively impacts my trading results. I recall Adam Heathcote mentioning yoga on his blog as part of his routine—it’s probably not much different.

Moving forward, my rules are: 8 hours of sleep before a trading day, eat an hour before trading (opting for the healthiest diet possible), and at least three workout sessions per week. Whether it’s lifting weights in the gym, going for a run, or dusting off that expensive bike I rarely use, I’m committed to this regimen.


The aspect I’ve always struggled with most is maintaining a routine. It’s crucial, but some parts are hard to keep consistent, especially without a boss to oversee me.

Waking up in the morning is probably my biggest challenge since I don’t technically have to start at a specific time. More exercise has helped somewhat, though I’m naturally not a morning person.

If anyone has any tips on how to get up and get going quicker, please share! I tend to hit the snooze button a few times—something I never did when I was working for someone else. It’s probably just laziness.

If you have any tips on enhancing your personal state, please comment below!

7 thoughts on “Exercise, Diet & Routine – Making a Difference

  1. Hey,

    I think that is a important subject. In my case sleeping hours and routine are a big challenge, as I do trading on part-time and mostly on tennis, so whenever players move outside europe my body feels like a mess. Sometimes I have to take a day off in the middle of a tornament just to put some more sleeping hours.

    About exercise I think it’s perfect to clear our minds. We have some time to think and let brains breath a little bit. I play tennis twice a week and football once a week. I’m planning to start with swimming everyday early morning, but I need to see how can I fit it with tennis matches schedule. Right now with US open I can’t really do it, let’s see how it goes after it.


  2. Mental and physical health is of course very important. But there is no substitute to actually learning the skills needed to succeed at any trade or discipline.

  3. Hey Caan,

    Your not wrong diet is like an edge in itself I reckon.
    I find sugar kills my trading, sugar rush and then flattening out after I just can’t concentrate.

    I’ve been getting good with my diet since I’ve started trading and its defiantly benefited my non trading life too lost weight etc.

    High protein breakfast and lunch and I also take 100% whey protein shake too 30-60grams a day. Lots of veggies and berries low on grains like wheat etc. Exercise is where I let myself down and I want to get motivated to do better. Keeping my blood sugar level all day is kind of my goal to keep extra sharp.

    I also tried like a brain training thing but I just couldn’t get into it. I’ve always wanted to try Brain quicken but never got around to buying it. I’d be interested to hear more about your routine or what your planning on doing etc.


  4. Hi Caan, Personally I like to start the day with a run and have a very strict schedule so I get the sleep I need. If I always get up in the morning and go to sleep at night at the same time I personally feel a lot better than letting other things dictate when I go to sleep. Keep experimenting, that is the way to find your optimal routine. Good luck 🙂

  5. Hi Caan.

    Yep doing this game from home can wreck you physically, and therefore mentally, as it’s easy to lay in bed in the mornings, eat crap all day and do no exercise. I fell foul of this when I first started trading from home but then got my training and diet back on schedule back in March, only to get back on the beer in the Summer!

    I’m now on a mission to get super lean and mean and with any luck my trading will also get razor sharp.

    PS Still haven’t seen any pics of you in your boxers!


  6. First post on one of your blogs, so wanted to say as a 21 year old student I’ve been soaking in all your snippets of wisdom to the best of my ability, I’m yet to find something that I disagree with you on. I’m planning on going into full time trading next year and I already feel that routine is of upmost importance in terms of getting yourself in a persistent business like mindset of being successful on the job, I think it is more than likely to improve the consistency of results rather than having a flat day after having low energy from waking up at mid day. I’ve picked up a great way of getting myself out of bed in the morning. What I do is put my phone on the other side of the room set the alarm for 7 30 and without fail every time it goes off I have to cross the room to pick up my phone and put my clothes beside it. That’s worked for me without fail for months now whereas I used to be awful in mornings too. It’s worth noting that waking up at a same time consistently as well is useful as your body clock will adapt to the time you get up at each day. I’ve personally been shocked at how much energy I have now in the mornings waking up at 7 30 am than at 10 am like I used too. I realise this is post is about 3 years too late but thought I would share my insights from viewing your post today!

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