States and controlling them…

This week I’ve become rather fascinated by the real life ‘wold of wall street’ – Jordan Belfort. It  started when I see a clip of him in an interview after watching the film. There is no dispute the bloke has been involved in some bad stuff and made some poor ethical decisions although what has really fascinated me is how he behaves, his ‘Ora’, his consistent state of mind – and the fact he is very successful obviously. I see this relating directly to being a trader, after all… we’re all them kind of people!

The clip below is pretty drawn out as it’s a big old sales pitch for some system he is trying to sell online – so if you watch the whole thing bear in mind there is plenty of guff in there. He makes several remarks that amuse me and I can relate too, in fact I’ve made an effort to hold such beliefs in the past (and intend to revisit them) …. I’d advise you skip it forward and watch the chunk from around 15 minutes in until 19 minutes and 52 secs.

In fact I said in a previous post I’ll be posting up a series of clips about how I look and feel about things that put me in a better position to profit from the markets – it reminds me of a video series I did for someone else before, one of the titles was even Beliefs and Perceptions! … I will be doing that although am due another move this month with an absolutely crazy personal life just lately so it wont be until early next month.

The thing I found rather thought-provoking though from this section of the clip was the bit about being able to ‘trigger’ the different states of mind. Like Indians with war paint and the gladiator with the dirt…. obviously from previous posts if you’ve been following I have said about trading tracks – but how else can we put ourselves in this state of mind for a few hours? It’s definitely something I’ll be pursuing as its very important and often the difference.

2 thoughts on “States and controlling them…

  1. Hiya Caan.

    That’s a very interesting clip. I most certainly fall into that category of people who reach a certain ‘comfort’ level in terms of profit and then fail to push on.

    Although I set a high target back in 2012 I found that once my situation had changed (when the place market imploded halfway through the year) that my focus then went back to just being able to earn a living. As he mentions it’s easy to lower your targets when things don’t go according to plan.

    It’s taken me a while to adjust to trading in the win market and I now feel that I’m in a position to kick-on and get back to the sort of profit levels I experienced during the Summer of 2012.

    So thanks for that Cann!

    Cheers – Dave.

  2. Hi Caan,

    Just wanted to say you are one of the better betfair traders out there! Thank you for all your help…

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