Success Rewards Preparation And Structure – How To Build Up…

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This week’s been pretty hectic!

The racing has been fairly decent considering; this time of year thing go a little quieter in the pre-race markets. Which often leaves me feeling like I should do something productive…

I’ve been plunging a huge amount of time into tennis, which is starting to yield some improvement.

It’s all to easy to get sucked into trading the various matches, especially with so much on offer… but without a solid plan, it’s hard to know how much.

I have to keep reminding myself that, tennis trading can be far more mechanical than the horses. Meaning time is far better spent looking at statistics, researching.. and doing something I’m not all that used to refining data in Excel (and probably not that great at, seeing I didn’t bother at school).

Although being a strong believer that anyone can do just about anything, I best put my money where my mouth is!

Time in Excel, with no guarantee of a pay-off, can appear a little concerning. I’m quite sure the pay-off could be huge though if it’s done right, the best edges are usually quite simple, or at least simple to explain – so hopefully, my excel education won’t hold me back!

Others have suggested I might find a shortcut in Dan Weston’s tennis ratings service, I haven’t purchased it yet although may do in the coming weeks (I also noticed he’s a guest speaker at the Matchbook Conference next month). If you’ve used it before it’d be good to hear your thoughts…

Data, Data, Data….

Modelling a tennis match doesn’t seem all that complicated – more time-consuming than anything. The most important thing seems to be working out where to exit.

Finding points in a match where players fail routinely is glaringly obvious, and additional data on each player can be collected. Finding an entry is relatively easy as these moments often happen in conjunction with an ideal entry in terms of price, the hard bit (for me at least) is working out when is best to exit.

Entering at the right points alone can be enough to earn money of course, but I’d like to unravel something solid in the numbers and on-court when it comes to exiting.

This Weekend…

It’s unlikely I’ll find the answers to all my questions this weekend as my diaries are firmly booked up! With a wedding to attend, my eldest coming to stay, and the mandatory drinking that goes with a wedding it’s unlikely I’ll do much trading at all. Next week I should be back into the swing of things, as I know this last few days I haven’t been about so much (and will get around to answering emails).

Whatever you’re doing have a good one!


Before I sign off; I just wanted to mention the Matchbook Conference next month. Tickets went on sale earlier this week, the early bird offer is gone and tickets might seem a little pricey to some but im sure it’ll be a worthwhile event.

One of the organisers dropped me a message just yesterday to say; they may be able to give me a promotional code for any followers that want to come.

If you’re interested input your details here and I’ll drop you an email when I know more!

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