The Grand National….

Well that come around pretty quick! It only feels like 2 minutes since it was the Cheltenham Festival… I know their close to each other but don’t ever remember it seeming to come around so quick. Of course im not complaining as the weeks between the two aren’t usually great for trading… The holiday between the two could well be a reoccurring thing for next year!

And so the Grand National is upon us! In truth it’s not my most favourite of all the big meetings but it brings its perks, the added coverage on terrestrial TV increases liquidity on the racing for a couple of days which is helpful although I don’t like to pin all my hopes on one race being the national as it can produce quite a lot of pressure on one’s self, also with all the high-priced runners its stable for scalping but not necessarily on huge stakes! I sound like im putting a bit of a negative on it there even though it will produce some good markets to trade in comparison to the daily stuff, its more of a question of what sort of style you prefer! Either way the added liquidity in all the markets surrounding it should help us bring home the bacon that bit easier than usual!

I’ll be having my usual £10 straight bet of the year (it’s the only race I have a bet on all year around) broken up into £2 stakes usually. Haven’t a clue what on just yet as its pretty much pot luck how I choose them anyway! I’ll post them up on the Twitter / Facebook feeds when I do although I wouldn’t follow me in on them!

If you want a winning trade in the way of a tear-your-arm-off-deal I’d check here first thing tomorrow morning!


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