Tipstrr Review: Can You Make Money From Betting Tips?


Making an income from following betting tipsters sounds like an extremely easy way to make money online.

  1. Find a profitable tipster
  2. Bet their tips
  3. Profit!

Simple right?

Well, not really. In reality, making money following betting tips is a lot harder than it sounds. This is due to the fact that most betting tipsters are not profitable. Some of the most well-known betting tipsters online are actually losing tipsters that make money referring players to bookmakers. See a previous article about it here.

Another issue with following a tipster is that some don’t keep accurate betting records. They may alter past records and falsify information to make themselves look profitable when in reality they are not. So the question is; can you really make money from betting tips?

Let’s take a look…

What is Tipstrr?

Tipstrr is a tipster betting platform that looks to rectify all of the issues that come with following betting tipsters. They are a platform that allows tipsters to verify their betting tips.

Acting almost as a third party Tipstrr look to provide an open and transparent platform. Where tipsters input their bets and the platform handles the settling of results. This means that tipsters are not able to falsify or create fake records. Take a look at some for yourself by clicking here.

Which in turn helps weed out the scammers and charlatans that exist in the world of sports betting tipsters.

The aim of Tipstrr is to let the cream rise to the top!

Tipstrr is looking to be the most comprehensive betting platform available for sports bettors. Whether you are looking to become a tipster yourself or you want to find profitable betting tips that actually win long-term.

Which Sports Does Tipstrr Cover?

Tipstrr covers a wide range of sports:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Esports
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Dart
  • Snooker
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Rugby

All are covered on the platform.

If you are an expert in boxing for example and want to prove your profitability to wide audience you could do so on Tipstrr. Or perhaps you are looking for a profitable tennis tipster?

A quick search on Tipstrr would bring up the top-performing tipsters, with detailed statistics and an in-depth breakdown of their results.

How Tipstrr Works?

First off let’s take a look at using Tiptrr to verify tips and become a tipster. Then we will move on to using Tipstrr to find profitable tipsters to follow.

There are two major benefits of using Tipstrr for this:

  • You are verifying your tips to a reputable third party (no one can accuse you of having a fake record.)
  • Tipstrr has thousands of people using their platform, looking for profitable tips and tipsters. If you want to sell your tips there is a established customer base already in place.

How do you set up on Tipstrr as a tipster yourself?

It is very simple.

The first thing you need to do is create an account and then on the dashboard click create a new portfolio.

Create a name for yourself, write a short bio and then start putting out your tips. It really is that simple, Tipstrr will then track your results.

If you perform well as a tipster. Tipstrr will promote you as one of their popular and top-performing tipsters. For example, if you are the most profitable Tennis tipster on the platform. When someone searches for tennis tips, you will be one of the first tipsters they see.

On Tipstrr you can choose whether you want to start off as a free tipster or charge for your tips as a premium tipster if you want to build up a following initially as a free tipster and then charge for tips once you are a proven winner. Tipstrr enables you to become a premium tipster at any time.

Finding Profitable Tipsters on Tipstrr

Now let’s take a look at finding profitable tipsters on the Tipstrr platform.

This is incredibly easy and is why the majority of people are on the platform. If you want to navigate by sport you simply find the category you are looking for.

It then brings up the top-performing tipsters for your selected sport. To get an in-depth breakdown and more details about the tipster you simply click their name.

Let’s take a look at “Star Tips” a football tipster that has been on the platform since September 2021.

The breakdown includes average odds, win rate, return on investment and average profit in a month. If you want to delve further into the tipsters performance, then there is a wealth of extra information.

  • Bookmakers used
  • Markets
  • Leagues
  • Odds ranges
  • Time bets are posted
  • Duration of time before events starts after the bet is posted

Tipstrr have really looked at various metrics to give any prospective buyer of tips a good idea of how the service functions.

If you are looking for profitable betting tipsters then it is extremely easy to find them.

Pros of using Tipstrr:

Let’s take a look at some of the pros of using Tipstrr in comparison to other betting tipster platforms.

  • Exclusion of standout prices in horse racing – This is a rule to stop tipsters from placing bets when there is a price (odds) available with only one bookmaker. For example, 888sport may offer a horse at odds of 15.00 when the next available price with 4 other bookmakers is 11.00. In order to be fair to customers Tipstrr need at least two bookmakers to have the same odds available before it can be tipped.
  • Discounted trials – The majority of the best tipsters on Tipstrr have discounted trials available. This enables you to test out the tipster initially to see whether it suits your betting style.

  • Free football and racing tips – If you don’t want to pay for a tipster there are a large amount of free tipsters on the platform. They also offer a daily email which is sent out with one tip a day from a profitable tipster.

  • Results to Betfair SP – Tipstrr allows you to see results of the Betfair starting price. Very few tipster platforms do this as it is very tough to beat the Betfair SP. Many horse racing tipsters taking soft early prices to beat the market. There are many people that are limited/banned from bookmakers, which means they can only bet at BSP. Allowing you to see results at Betfair SP where everyone can bet is an excellent metric to have.

Tipstrr Review – Conclusion

Tipstrr ranks as one of the best betting tipster platforms available. They are willing to listen to their customers and make adjustments to make their marketplace fairer (no stand-out prices/results to Betfair SP.)

This is a big positive as it shows they will take on board criticism in order to create a better environment for their customers.

The site itself is very easy to navigate. Whether you want to start tracking your own tips and possibly delve into becoming a tipster or you simply want to find profitable betting tips.

Tipstrr make it very easy to do both! Overall if you are looking for a good betting tipster/tips platform then Tipstrr is definitely worth a look.

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2 thoughts on “Tipstrr Review: Can You Make Money From Betting Tips?

  1. Quite interesting and looks very much like the way BetConnect started with the follow /oppose tipsters idea

  2. I took trials at a few of the better known tipster websites, and Tipstrr was the only one I decided to stay with. The site’s biggest advantage for me is the vast number of free and paid tipsters for all sports. With big discounts for the first month, you can try as many paid tipsters as you like, or you can jump off a tipster when they become too popular (they raise the price to £39 per month for the most popular tipsters and cap the numbers).

    With monthly/bi-annual Top 10 tipster charts for each sport, you can also cancel a subscription to a tipster going through a bad patch and jump on one that’s in good form.

    The Tip of the Day (sent by email) is well worth subscribing to. Now, I always include it together with my premium tips. It’s a very good quality tip for free. Usually a horse at a good price.

    Damien, one of the co-founders (he handles customer service) is also a nice guy and after swapping a few emails with him, I get the impression he takes pride in his site and wants to build a quality product. From what I’ve seen so far, he’s succeeding. Well done, mate.

    A quick word of general advice: don’t use the big popular websites like Betting Gods, for example, they’re too well known and the odds for some selections will drop as soon as released, meaning the advertised profits are not what us punters make, we get a lot less.

    Same goes for Tipstrr, don’t just take subscriptions for the top 1 or 2 tipsters in your preferred sport – don’t follow the crowd. Try to stay under the radar and keep your bookie accounts for as long as possible.

    Don’t change your betting habits too quickly because if you suddenly start winning at the same time, the bookies will spot you easily.

    Anyway, I can vouch for Tipstrr. I’ve made good money and managed to stay under the radar so far.

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