Football Betting Tipsters: Why 99% Are A Con

They say football is the world’s sport, so there’s always going to be someone somewhere trying to take advantage of naive football fans.

You see countless football betting tipsters on social media these days so we’ve looked under the hood at what these so-called “tipsters” are really doing.

In a previous YouTube video, you’ll see why you simply can’t win following most football tipsters in the long term, and you’ll also see how they are making so much money from you.

Don’t get ripped off, and make note of these red flags in the video:

How Football Tipsters Make Money:

It may come as a surprise to anyone new to betting, but most football tipsters don’t make their money from actually betting. They make their profit with affiliate commissions from bookmakers. In a nutshell, they try to create a large social media following and then push enhanced odds, Bet Builders or crazy Acca’s. These bets are designed for the average follower to lose over the long term, and thus creating a profit for the football tipster from the bookmaker kickback.

The major red flags are things like “Acca challenges” and Bet Builders. There’s no value in betting at these prices 99% of the time – “Mug Acca’s” have that title for a reason; because only mugs do them! You won’t see a professional gambler doing an accumulator, if they made something good value they would do it in a single bet. When betting at bad value, over the long-term you are certain to lose, this means the bookmaker wins and is likely paying around 30% kickback to the football tipster.

These free advice pages on Facebook and simply trying to get you to open an account with their bookmaker of choice and then lose money. The serious football tipsters will charge you a fee for their advice, as by and large everyone good will be a paid-for service, and they are very unlikely to push having a certain bookmaker account. That is another major red flag when the football tipsters is pushing a certain bookmaker because it is highly likely that is the one they have the affiliate deal with.

Quite possibly the biggest red flag of all is that these accounts won’t operate under their real name. Any serious football tipster doesn’t mind using their real name and backing their opinion, but these social media accounts are nameless for a reason. It’s because they don’t want you to know who they are – as I said, over the long-term you will lose so they don’t want you to remember their name. This also allows them to create multiple accounts, as you can see in the video.

How To Make Money Betting On Football…

It would be silly to just bash football betting tipsters without actually providing some genuine advice on how to actually profit from betting on football. I mentioned some red flags to watch out for when looking at social media accounts, well there are some green flags too! The first thing you want to always focus on when betting is having the probability on your side – ideally, you want to always be betting at value prices. For example, if the true odds are 2.75, you want to be backing at 3.0, and thus you will win over the long-term. It’s very hard to be a profitable football bettor because you are up against the major football betting syndicates every week and their database is much better.

It is easier to make money when trading football, arbing prices with the bookmakers and sticking to a set strategy that works for you. There aren’t that many arbs between the bookmakers and Betfair Exchange on football, but they do exist and that is a good place to start if you’re looking to build your betting account while your knowledge is low.

After that, you can start thinking about trading football. Trading football is easier than simply outright betting because you only have to be correct for a small percentage of the time within the match. For example, let’s say you feel there will be no goal in the opening 30 minutes – you can trade under 2.5 goals down early in the game, exit to lock in profit, and it doesn’t matter how many goals are scored afterwards. The shorter amount of time you have to be in the market for, the less risk there is and remember, we are always trying to protect our betting bank.

That under 2.5 goals trade is one simple strategy to use, but there are lots more that you can focus on. I have multiple strategies in my Football Course that I use every week, and sticking to the strategy is a must if you want to be successful long-term. These strategies exist because their tilt the odds in your favour and while you won’t win every time, you will win more than you lose over the course of the season. That is what betting and trading is about, not putting £5 on some crazy Acca to win £50,000. That’s odds of 10,000/1 but the reality is the true probability of winning that bet is actually greater than 10,000/1!

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  1. Hi! As I see you have an experience dealing with betfair. I have some problems with their management, my account was first suspended and then closed. May be we can chat about it and you can give an advice what should I do. Thanks in advance!

  2. Trading football is not only easier, it’s also safer and that’s the most important tip when it comes to making money on the exchange 🙂

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