OddsJam Review: Can This Software Beat US Sportsbooks?

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The explosion of online betting in the United States has led to many seeking profitable bets, which is why one computer science graduate from Standford created it.

The data-centric tools claim to allow sports bettors to find live arbitrage opportunities, value bets, free-play conversion opportunities and value odds.

This in-depth review covers everything you need to know about OddsJam’s software, from its cost and features to real user experiences. Whether you’re looking for arbitrage opportunities or just want to know if OddsJam is legit, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how OddsJam works, its effectiveness, and if it’s worth the investment for serious sports bettors.

Also, see exactly how it works in this video…

OddsJam Comparison Software Any Good?

Regular readers of this site will know all about arbitrage betting in the UK and Europe, it’s big business. Exploiting sportsbook prices is one of the easiest ways to secure a profit (as shown above). I’ve seen many products like this over the years although OddsJam stands out as the most impressive.

Not only will OddsJam show you open opportunities but it’ll do the math for you and provide the tracking tools you need to keep on top of profits. The rate of development is somewhat breath-taking too. In my opinion, OddsJam is going to be the stand-out leader for online sports betting opportunities in the United States for the foreseeable future.

But don’t take my word for it…

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OddsJam Sportsbook Comparisons: Why Use It?

This OddsJam currently has 35 sportsbook odds for comparison with more being onboarded each month. One of the past issues for sharps has been the speed at which data is updated. Having checked, these sportsbook comparisons really are live.

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Comparing the different odds lines available is crucial to bottom-line profit. Among recreational circles, there’s often a misconception about needing to pick the right outcome. In the short term, this is true, although long-term profitability is derived from the price you get. If you’re unsure what we mean, see the last couple of minutes in the video shared above.

How Much Does OddsJam Cost?

There are three different price plans available:

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The country you reside in decides which sportsbooks you have access too which may limit which plan is most suitable. With the new states and countries sportsbooks being added all the time it’s best to check outside of this OddsJam review. All plans have a 7-day free trial either way!

OddsJam Features:

The main software features that provide live matching are:

  • Arbitrage Bets
  • Low Hold & Free Play Conversions
  • Middles Profiling
  • +EV Sportsbook Bets

There are also independent calculators for all of these options where you can manually input sportsbook odds and staking yourself, just in case you find an option that isn’t fully integrated yet.

Extra features also include:

  • Kelly Calculator
  • Parlay Insurance Calculator
  • Expected Value Calculator
  • Bet Tracker
  • Deposit/Withdrawal Tracker

Quite a lot right?

This site really is a gold mine for United States sports bettors. There are so many mathematical edges you can exploit with these tools.

Tech Specifications and Requirements

OddsJam is fully mobile optimized so you can check in on arbitrage opportunities from your phone too. You could even place one portion of your bet in a land-based sportsbook and they would be none the wiser.

The minimum technical requirement for OddsJam is low, an internet connection, sportsbook accounts and a mobile phone or tablet will suffice. However, if you’re serious about creating a full-scale money-making operation through arbitrage we would advise you have a desktop computer with two screens (so you can place multiple bets very fast).

Our OddsJam Verdict

There’s a massive upside to this style of betting, and with very low risk. OddsJam has all the tools you need and more, but best of all, the data feeds are extremely fast. UK and Europe sports bettors have found this a point of frustration in the past along with stake restrictions. So our advice is to make the most of software like this as quick as you can, it may not be the same forever!

OddsJam gets a 10/10 from us as a market leader in its field.

We can’t stress enough – the United States right now, this opportunity is HUGE. Make the most of it.

Thanks for reading our OddsJam review, we sincerely hope you make a packet from this!

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  1. I asked my friend once, how can I make some money?
    And he replied, Devise a system, and call it “How to make money.”

  2. I wouldn’t want to incriminate myself, Lawrence. Although I believe there are ways…
    That said, US laws state you have to be in the state for which you are betting.

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