Big Changes in Trading Horses Last Week…

Did you notice a change in trading conditions last week?

I certainly did.

I wasn’t the only trader to either…

Hopefully, this is a permanent change as the exchange markets were a joy to trade. Without the added noise and large stakes bullying the market about, it made for some low-stress results.

Paranoia v Reality:

Alan’s comment above is quite a pertinent one for several reasons. Not only had one noticed the change, but it highlights how most traders feel in the markets. Questioning ourselves is a positive thing in many ways, although it can leave you feeling paranoid. It’s not usual to see people saying that they feel like “someone is watching their trades”.

Market manipulation has happened for decades. I wasn’t trading when Betfair first started, although I’d imagine there would have been people attempting to manipulate prices within hours. Where people and money go, manipulation follows…

Being obsessed with market manipulation can drive you nuts. I’ve given myself a headache trying to understand it in the past (there are patterns). Knowing the exact triggers is difficult, although seeing where it’s most likely to surface is not.

I’ll be interested to see how the markets work out the first few days this week in comparison. Unfortunately, the end won’t be an option as I’ve got a breakaway lined up (sod’s law I know).

If manipulation resumes, I’ll be wondering what was so different last week?! Was there a distinct reason for it? Maybe the manipulator had a week off?

How Much is Manipulation Worth?

There’s no saying for sure, although it’s certainly a lucrative game. I suspect that whoever is behind it has to have some kind of manual intervention. Probably part-automated and part-manual. To manipulate the markets via automation alone would be a nightmare. Many times I’ve seen it ‘react’ against the grain.

Having time away from manipulating the markets is probably a bit of an own-goal for the manipulator as it kind of shows its hand. To keep it up daily must require some work ethic! Although I expect that gets easier if you’re earning thousands a day at a reduced risk.

Keep your eyes peeled and let me know how the markets are over the weekend…

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5 thoughts on “Big Changes in Trading Horses Last Week…

  1. Comforting to read this from you Cann because I noticed this last week. I attributed it to the Australian racing and Breeders Cup in the small hours of the day. Did you trade those maybe the manipulator was there instead? I can’t say because I was getting the beauty sleep in. I need it at my age 🙂 please update your view on this week when you have time and enjoy your break where are you going?

  2. Trading horse races prerace is really very difficult, plus my trading bot was struggling a lot that week. Sometimes i feel like there are very long drifters or steamers just to burn automated trades reach stop-loss point. Not sure I am just imagining things as you mentioned above or it actually is a fact.

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