Uberman – could it help trading Betfair?

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Can the Uberman Sleep Schedule help trading Betfair?

So this week I managed to stumble across a podcast online between Tim Ferris (author of the 4 hour work week) and Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress). It was pretty lengthy although found it interesting as they discussed various ‘life hacks’. One of which Mullenweg said helped him to get far more done, increase alertness and focus.

Polyphasic sleep if you haven’t heard of it before is the routine of sleeping multiple times in any 24 hour period. There are several different types of polyphasic sleep although the most extreme is the Uberman. After listening to the interview it left me thinking – could it help me trading Betfair? I’m not really sure just yet although I intend to find out!

So what is the Uberman routine? Basically it’s a case of having 20 minute naps regularly (every 4 hours). Adapting to the routine can be pretty tough and makes it the most attempted and failed of all the different routines. Hopefully I’ll crack it, I’ve been going 48hrs so far without too much drama. And I had a decent afternoons trading today. One of the main benefits of the routine is you have far more time on your hands although, I can imagine if you have a day job or several children it makes things pretty hard.

Trading Betfair’s horse racing markets it seems to fit just fine with me though. I’m napping at 1, 5, and 9 both morning and night. So its kind of ideal seeing the racing starts around 2pm until 5.30 and if their’s an evening card too I can dabble in that. One of the most refreshing things I find so far is that after each nap I feel far more alert. So sleeping at 1pm – 1.20pm it leaves me pretty focused. And then again at 5.20pm im raring to go once more where-as previously I’d get a little slack and lose focus half way through a full days trading.

I’m not sure how it’ll end up in the long run but for now trading Betfair seems to fit in pretty well with it! And Betdaq of course. Which reminds me just lately the Betdaq markets have felt a little ‘fuller’ than previous. Hopefully that’ll continue on the lead up to the Cheltenham festival as it can be a real kick in the nuts to pull out a big result and have a chunk of it taken off you in commission.

If you want to learn a little about all the different sleep routines you can here

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