Week one and on target!

So at the end of the first week of 2014 and im on target…

After my new years post you will know I have set myself a target this year to work less and increase income, this week I’ve worked a total of about 21 hours trading and tallied up 1.94% of my overall target for 2014 (£100k).

Next week im off to Teneriffe for a weeks holiday, seem to have timed it just right with the bad weather and the abandoned meetings so hopefully by the time im back the weather will be back to normal. For the period im away the support emails will be checked for anything of an urgent nature although general questions will be answered on my return.

This week I have found the markets on the whole decent although at times its felt like a lot of hard work for not the best return. It’s just that time of year where the markets are a little dull again, much like october/november. It’s the same for everyone with activity being lower than usual, at times I’ve not been able to use the stakes I have wanted to for this reason.

Trading mentality can really be tested in the weaker months of the year. So give yourself some slack and lower expectations, the chances are if anything it may improve your results missing out the bigger errors.

Come the end of February everything will be heating up again anyway in anticipation of Cheltenham 2014 so don’t let it get to you if you’re struggling just recently.

I haven’t looked into the ante-post markets just yet although probably should have, now is the time to catch some good prices if that’s your thing. The news between now and March often offer some good hints, Sprinter Sacre is probably one worth keeping an eye on from the news of late. Have a look at this link here.

I’ll post once more when im back from my break away! Happy Trading!

4 thoughts on “Week one and on target!

    1. Hi caan and its good to see you have made a good start to the year ,it bodes well i hope for the rest of 2014 : )
      Just to let you know i have just purchased the trading guide and will be giving that some serious attention in next few days so ty for making this guide available to others to enable us to get an insight into what pre race trading is about.
      I am hoping to start trading again from the end of march this year and with working it will be mainly evenings and weekends that i will be trying some pre race trading and i am hoping to learn more from keeping tabs on your blog.
      Keep up the good work and would also like to ask if your planning any more of your trading videos? I know they are time consuming but for new traders like myself they are very informative : )
      Take care and hope you have a great relaxing holiday , all the best.

      1. Hi Darren,

        Thanks, with plenty of patience, discipline and the guide i have no dobt it will improve your performance. March is a good time of year to start trading, evenings and weekends is how i started. There will be video’s in time, cheers for the kind words. Im off in a bit so thanks!


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