Well Deserved Break In Paris!

The last week I’ve had pretty much all of it off, it started with a wicked weekend as usual with my son followed by a break to Paris with the better half for her sister’s birthday.

I’ve never been to Paris before although thoroughly enjoyed it. We spent a day getting lost in the two Disney parks and a couple more in the city. I’d recommend it to anyone, the only thing I’d do differently is allowed for another day at Disneyland.

I’d never had snails to eat before either but it just had to be done, they didn’t taste too bad either!!

  And a few more from Disneyland!

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Racing In Focus:

Today’s card looks pretty good being a Saturday so I’m going to get stuck in, good luck if your playing it!

As you can imagine this week I’ve had a lot of emails. With the Geeks Toy Offer. I’ve been going through them as quick as I can although there are still quite a few to go. If I haven’t responded yet I’m not ignoring you it’s just due to the amount that has built up while I’ve been away.

If you haven’t made use of the offer yet then hurry as it runs out tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Well Deserved Break In Paris!

  1. Well done Caan!

    The blog continues to be fab and inspiring to follow and its brill to see you enjoy good times too 🙂


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