Merry Christmas! I’ll see you in the new year!

So there’s time to make one last post before I set off to get my son for Christmas!

It’s been a real whirlwind this year going from strength to strength….

Trading results have increased dramatically, I’ve moved twice, had 2 new cars, 3 trips abroad, written and released the Pre Race Trading Guide, bought a house, wrote articles for Betfair and still managed to sum up a total of 162 days off! And if all that wasn’t enough I’ve managed to become a father once more! (In may I will be at least anyway!).

Will I be able to top it all next year? who knows, I hope so! In all honesty though if I don’t I won’t be disappointed.

When I first started blogging back in January 2011 I had a Betfair account with £600 in it, I’d already blown several banks trying to learn and often worked long hours. Had you told me the speed at which everything would progress I probably wouldn’t have believed it.

This week Alan emailed me to share his results and kindly agreed to share them in this post with you all, looking at his results it does remind me of my own back when i started this great journey! Alan of course has been dabbling in the markets for a while but had mailed to say after reading the guide:

‘I have been putting your ideas to the sword and gaining some great experience of the betting markets over the last few days. I have been playing around with £10 stakes, mainly scalping although i have managed a few small swing trades along the way when the opportunities arose. It certainly shows what is possible with a little effort.’

From £10 stakes I’d say that’s some good results, the consistency is the biggest thing of all! If you can maintain that kind of consistency then it won’t be long at all until it’s time to up the stakes! Keep up the great work Alan, its great to hear.


I’ll be looking forward to the big races over Christmas, mainly the King George but I won’t be trading them all as family is important too! I’ll resume posting in the new year for that reason, in the meantime if you want to get in touch you should be able to catch me on Twitter & Facebook you can follow either on the right!

Have a great Christmas!!


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