Winner: My Racing Life – A.P. McCoy (Book Review)


“We are giving this book an overall rating of 10/10. It’s one of the best books in racing”

Review: Winner – My Racing Life by A.P. McCoy

Overall rating: 10/10


When AP McCoy finally gave up race riding the sport of Horse Racing knew it would never be the same again. He was an iron man in the saddle and this book looks back at his wonderful career in racing. It’s a must-read for any racing fan.

AP has some great stories and this book gives a brilliant insight into his life. He’s been through some very tough times and come out the other side – especially riding through pain that most people wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in. Once you start, it’s addictive.

We are giving this book an overall rating of 10/10. It’s one of the best books in racing in our opinion and it’s a must-read for anyone interested in the sport of kings. McCoy had such a brilliant career as well as going through pain, he worked every day of his life and the book brings out some excellent stories about racing.

Positive Points:

  • Excellent autobiography from one of the best jumps jockeys ever
  • Brilliant insight into what he went through in his life
  • A fascinating read for anyone who likes racing

Negative Points:

  • None. It’s well written, honest account.

This Book is Recommended For…

We can’t recommend this book enough. Anyone who loves racing won’t be able to put it down. However, even if you don’t enjoy racing and are just a lover of sport in general; you will still love this book. AP McCoy was a true warrior in the sport that he loved. He fought hard to get to where he is in life and that passion comes across his this book.

He put his body through some incredible things along the way. He had to go through a pain barrier that most people (and indeed sportspeople) wouldn’t even be able to dream of. Racing fans won’t be disappointed reading this book.

Where to get Winner – My Racing Life by A.P. McCoy…

Amazon is the best and easiest place to get this book, although you should be able to find it in most good book shops, eBay, and any good online racing shop.

See more detail by clicking here: Winner – My Racing Life by A.P. McCoy

Formats available: Paperback | Digital (via Kindle) | Audio Book.

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