10 Best Betfair Trading Blogs to Accelerate Your Results

top 10 betfair blogs

We’ve created a massive archive of useful content on this blog over the last 10 years.

Occasionally readers ask: Which are the best Betfair trading blogs?

So here’s a list of the top 10 (in our opinion). If there’s a specific topic you’re looking for there’s a search box on the sidebar (below on mobile).

Click the hyperlink below each heading to check them out in full.

1) Easily Prevented Mistakes That Everyone Makes (Includes Improvement Exercise)

Unsurprisingly, many of the biggest mistakes are a result of human perception and emotion. This article’s a short but powerful one, particularly once you’ve taken 15 minutes out to complete the exercise recommended. Quite simply, the data never lies…

Betfair Traders Always Make This Mistake – Do You?

Being hyper-aware of your strengths and weaknesses is the first logical step to Betfair trading improvement.

The next recommendation takes a look at the different stages we all have to go through…

2) The 5 Stages of Betfair Trading Growth & Speeding Them Up

We don’t just think this one is good, its one of reader’s favourites too. Newbie or veteran this one often has an impact. Learning to trade Betfair for a living isn’t the easiest task, but then nothing that’s worthwhile is usually easy.

5 Stages of Trading on Betfair For a Living

Stage 3 is where things really start to drop into place for many but beware, there are a few false-summits on route!

3) Which Signals Are Most Useful?

In some respects the answer to this question is always going to be variable. If you’re trading football, the answer isn’t the same as horse racing. However, this is a good post about trading pre-race on the horses if that’s your thing.

Which Signals Are Best for Betfair Trading?

Focusing on the right signals and indicators will save you a lot of time and frustration, a bit like the next suggestion.

4) When is Best? 8 Stages of Marketplace Formation

Depending on what you’re doing, timing will change everything. Here’s a blog that breaks down the 8 different stages of market formation so you can learn to tackle them effectively.

Pre-Race Trading: When is the Best Time? 8 Stages

Trading too early is a curse, avoid it at all costs. It’ll leave you out of pocket, just like being on the wrong side of the market with article number 5.

5) Crossover Points for Beginners

Intermediate traders are often aware of these points within the market. Being on the wrong side of them can be expensive!

Take a look at how you should be thinking about market crossovers and where you should be getting involved.

Trading Crossover Points to Stack the Odds in Your Favour

It’s a simple concept that influences market behavior amongst Betfair traders regularly.

6) Failing Before You Start: The Correct Setup

Having the right tools and environment for the job is crucial. You just can’t compete with others that are setup, it’s a game of inches and the best Betfair trading is smooth, methodical and rational…

My Horse Racing Trading Setup for Betfair

Presuming you’ve devoured the previous blogs, it’s time to get serious about strategy. Which is where suggestion number 7 comes in!

7) Three Strategies for Racing Traders

Horse racing is often the target for financial trading on Betfair because there are so many races and so much activity. This is one of the older posts we have, but it’s as relevant today as it was when it was written. Take a look:

3 Simple Horse Racing Trading Strategies

If you’re just getting started it’s worth focusing on one at a time.

8) How Much Can You Make?

A subjective question that often warrants a subjective answer. However, we try to tackle that topic here…

How Much Can You Make Betfair Trading?

Making millions on Betfair isn’t possible for many, although the top players certainly do.

9) Beginners Guide to Scalping

Scalping is often the most explored strategy due to the limited market movement. It might not be the best on a per-trade basis but those profits soon rack up if you’re consistent. Here’s a video tutorial for anyone who wants to know the basics.

Beginners Guide to Scalping – Video Tutorial

It’s one of the more popular blogs for good reason, but remember to keep your emotions in check.

10) In-Play Trading Strategy…

New traders often get suckered in with the elusive big profits of in-play trading. Remember that comes with big losses too. Here’s a look at some in-play strategy that has gone down well in the past.

Simple In-Play Horse Racing Strategies

In-play trading isn’t for the feint hearted and on course players have a significant advantage so be careful.

There’s plenty to get stuck into there so take your time with them and remember that search bar on the side or below!

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