[NEW] 10 Video Tutorials Added (+1 Hr 14 Minutes Worth)

Previously, we made a promise to our users:

To add new video content and improve the delivery of teaching.

Now, we’re about to deliver. That’s what this update is all about…

What’s New?

After recent feedback, we learnt that some new users had dived into sports trading rather quick. Coming from other betting endeavours, they wanted some more progressive and thorough video tutorials at the start of their journey. Snappy clips to get them up and running fast, before devouring the more advanced video pack course modules.

I think it’s common that followers often want the quick answer, which isn’t so easy in trading (given the amount of variables). But we’ve got it nipped.

We’ve done it by adding a whole new module.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an existing user either. Personally, I hate that – when businesses take existing customers for granted.


  • 1 Hr 14 Minutes of new content (compact and concise, without padding).
  • 10 Videos, 1 Module (titled absolute basics on the content table for existing users).
  • Written transcription (accompanying each clip individually).
  • Progressive explanation (starting from landing on the Betfair website).

Just like the rest of the video pack there transcription for each new clip, so if English isn’t your native language or I speak a little fast it’s easy to understand.

It’s also important to say; this won’t be the last addition either. Just last month we added 3 new clips (20 minutes) to other modules totalling 20 minutes of trading (they can be identified by existing users as the titles have ‘NEW’ at the front).

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Specifically, What’s Been Added?

Here’s a deeper breakdown, with a few inside shots…

1) Introduction to Betfair’s Exchange (8 Minutes 00 Seconds).

As you might expect, the module starts off with 101 basics. Points like the difference between a sports book and exchange and the pro’s of con’s involved.

You’ll also notice that new videos include more screen highlights and animations to make clarity of explanation clearer:

Taken from Module 1, Video 1.

2) Explanation of the Exchange interface (7 Minutes 26 Seconds).

Once the exchange introduction is out of the way, we move on to breaking down the exchange interface, navigation and some of the basic characteristics of the website. Including issues you may want to remember later when considering the choice of software.

On route some of the basic terms used in trading world are explained while breaking down the whole interface stage by stage.

3) Odds and placing bets (11 Minutes 55 Seconds).

A little simple for some, but we then start to get involved with the explanation behind different types of bets and how the exchange functions. Who’s behind bets and why the market functions and operates as it does.

Potential outcomes, such as betting liability and staking are mentioned whilst placing an example bet.

4) The process of placing a trade (11 Minutes 32 Seconds).

Slightly more interesting, we proceed onto the makeup and basic anatomy of placing a trade on Betfair. Hopefully this will clear up any ambiguity for those who have not long picked up trading.

We take a look at:

  • 2 x Potential trade returns
  • How a trade looks on the website
  • The overall process of trading
  • Problems faced when trading on the website
Taken from Module 1, Video 4.

5) Introduction to software (14 Minutes 00 Seconds).

Following the website example it just made sense to introduce users to software, where you can get a free trial and start to understand it’s use. We have covered the basic benefits of using the Geeks Toy, getting started and how to find your way around the application. On-route we’ve showcased a few of the settings too.

6) The ladder interface start to finish (17 Minutes 30 Seconds)

Putting the whole software introduction into one video would have been huge, so there’s a separate, slower, more explanatory clip about the ladder interface (including all the settings). Users will find this particularly useful when customising their platform to needs. No two trading situations are the same!

7) Graphs and charts explainer (10 Minutes 48 Seconds).

Next up is everything you need to know about streaming charts inside the software, and the Betfair graph. We go through the ideal settings, why that is and how streaming information is useful to your overall trading strategy. There other clips about this kind of thing dotted about, but it’s all under one roof in one place with as much detail as possible.

8) Understanding a market (12 Minutes 55 Seconds).

Being in a position of understanding all the interfaces and how the exchange operates it’s time to move on to market characteristics. In this clip we focus on core factors that influence a betting market such as:

  • Motivating factors behind movement
  • Windows of opportunity
Taken from Module 1, Video 8.

9) How to interact with a market (12 Minutes 20 Seconds).

Beyond the betting market behaviour, it’s imperative to act in accordance with that behaviour. Optimising your trading behaviour and style around market activity. This is why the 9th clip inside module 1 focuses on how you interact with betting market behaviour and managing risk (including examples of when NOT to trade).

10) Placing a live trade (7 Minutes 54 Seconds).

Finally, all the basic pieces of the puzzle are in place!

We conclude by breaking down a single trade within the betting market. Step by step we freeze the screen recording whilst explaining all that is going on. It’s possibly the most over-explained trading clip you’ll ever see…

Taken from Module 1, Video 10.

This won’t be the last video pack upgrade, although it’s certainly a substantial one. We’ve made a conscious effort to improve the quality of tutorials, making further ones easier to understand in the process.


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5 thoughts on “[NEW] 10 Video Tutorials Added (+1 Hr 14 Minutes Worth)

  1. This is fantastic, I initially started learning some time ago through the guide and video pack, but then took some time out as I found myself “jumping the gun” trying to run before I could crawl and getting frustrated. I realised that I had not grasped the basics fully, although I read the guide a few times. I am one of those who learns by watching, I do struggle with reading text for long periods (my wife calls me slow lol), but watching the basics video has helped me to understand the guide a lot more.

    One of the key things I have realised is that trading is long term game, its not something that can be done in a short period of time and be profitable long term. Its taken me a while to get to a point to say I need to re visit the basics before I can progress. Enough of me going on, thank you Caan for making this 🙂

  2. Hi Caan, really interested in this new introduction module, it’s exactly what I need and have been looking for all over for ages! Could I ask how to buy/access this please? Is it a standalone product (like the scalping one recently released) or do I need to buy the main video pack which this is part of/and addition too? Thanks man. Cheers

    1. Hi Rowan, currently this isn’t an option. At the moment there aren’t any plans to make it separate – it’s only with the video pack.

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