4 Day Update Of Results…

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday Recap:


I had promised myself not to get too caught up in tennis trading, yet I found myself repeating old mistakes, similar to when I first started learning horse racing—specifically, not letting profits run long enough and cutting losses too late. Same challenges, just a different sport! I traded three tennis games; one was going well until I took too much risk towards the end. Additionally, the matches I chose had limited trading value as they were short, two-set games with little movement in market prices.

Despite these setbacks in tennis, the racing results were decent, and I managed to offset my losses from tennis. However, I can’t say I enjoyed Ascot this past week as much as in previous years.


Ascot was notably better than earlier in the week, which wasn’t surprising given it was Saturday. I found myself pondering whether the coverage on Channel 4 this year, with its frequent adverts, impacted the liquidity compared to previous years when it was on the BBC.

The day’s trading felt challenging, but the results weren’t too bad overall.

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The trading environment felt weak overall, and coupled with other commitments, I only traded for about an hour. It simply didn’t seem worthwhile to continue, so I cut the day short. By this point in the month, I’ve come to accept that I haven’t been very diligent with this challenge. I’ve spent many evenings in the beer garden and taken random days off, or lost money on tennis—perhaps I should have chosen another time to learn tennis!


I took the day off and tuned in just in time to see Nadal struggling in his match. It looked like it could be one of those dramatic turnarounds from massive odds, so I threw a few quid into that before spending an hour trading horses to offset my earlier losses, all before the evening’s webinar.

Overall, I’ve let the end goal slip away this month. With only a week left, I’ll try to give it one last push to boost my total, but I knew from the start that reaching £10k in one month would require significant determination—which I admit has been lacking lately! Still, I’ve enjoyed the month, and it’s always important to strike the right balance in life.

One thought on “4 Day Update Of Results…

  1. I wouldn’t be too disheartened you’ve made a decent amount for what’s effectively your first year full time trading.

    I doubt you’ll find too many other ft traders having set themselves targets of 10K months in their first year or other years for that matter. Have some perspective in what you’ve achieved and stop chasing or setting targets. The more you make the sooner you’ll hit that 250K PC barrier and believe me if you’re still chasing targets when that hits you’ll soon come a cropper trying to make up that 60% shorthfall.

    I think you may find the switch from horses to tennis a step too far especially if you’re doing both at the same time. Tennis trading is a different kettle of fish and very much based on what’s actually happening on court rather than what people think may happen. You’re doing the right thing having a crack at it though as there are large amounts flying around for Wimbledon and plenty of movement in the market. Just be prepared to accept your limitations as it’s a hard one to crack. Despite trying for years I still haven’t managed to crack the tennis to the same degree as the nags.

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