Day 16 & 17…

So Ascot continues!… and im finding it really frustrating to be honest, im not sure if it’s because im playing too big, reacting too slow or just the fill rate isn’t quite what I expected?

Either way it’s very mediocre and if I’m honest I’d probably just prefer a normal week at the moment!

Day 16… The worst start to a day I’ve had… probably EVER!

Tennis Trading Betfair

Looking at that it’s clear I was just well over excited with the staking on the races between Ascot and as the day progressed I started to leave the races out before the Ascot events.

I try to keep a positive spin on things and not allow myself to go down the route of ”everyone’s against me and its all being manipulated” but the races in between I did feel a little like that!

I hunkered down and carried on into the early evening, so it was a good turnout to get the result I did eventually.

Day 17… Tennis Trading!

More tennis today and I’m really getting a feel for it, I found myself in a good position in all 3 of the games I traded although probably pressed a little too hard in the final 2 trying to lock in similar profits to the first!

The first game was a really good game and I threw away about £30 profit getting over excited. I’m really keen for the tennis at the moment as its new and exciting and I consider it easier to scale up the profits than the horses!

Tennis Trading

This is the screenshot moments before I caught my best swing yet on the initial game.

I tried the same thing on both the other two games, although the second one never reversed what-so-ever and I lost my £11 green. The last game however, I bottled it and hedged up for a few pence loss before it reverted back 10 tics or so… these things will happen I suppose!

You can see im still only playing small stakes/liability so the results aren’t that bad at all!! I just need to work on not scaling out my position so quick when im onto a good thing in these situations as I wasted a lot of profit scaling out far too early.

Obviously off-setting your position is vital in these situations to make sure you win more than you lose but doing it too much too early sometimes can really waste a good green!!

On the whole the day wasn’t too bad but I probably spent most the time watching the tennis.

Still I found it enjoyable and not everyone gets to spend their day working watching some young chick running about in a short skirt 😉

Tennis Trading Betfair2


7 thoughts on “Day 16 & 17…

  1. Hi Caan. Yep I think that the fill rate has been a bit slow at Ascot. If something is sitting at maybe 3.5 it seems that the fill rate on 3.5 is flying but 3.45 and 3.55 are pretty stagnant which doesn’t really make for a good trading market. I’ve also noticed that the other markets are being ‘bullied’ by £3-4k stakes (along with the Bomber and his occasional £25k) being dropped in seemingly randomly which makes it kind of hard to see the wood from the trees. Nice comeback from the -£400 and with the tennis potential the world is your oyster!

    Crack-on Caan … cheers Dave.

  2. Cheers dave, i agree entirely with everything you have said there… does seem that way with the fill rate too at times, just tricky week this week ive found.

  3. Hi Caan, I’m not a fan of big meetings in general, the markets are too turgid for my liking, but this Ascot has been dire for me too. Maybe it’s just a freak. Good luck for the rest of the month I’msure £300 a day ave. isn’t beyond you, chhers, Al

  4. damn, I had 40$ profit on that one but first they removed the 2nd fav then I just checked BF for voided bets and find out they voided the 1st one too, another useless day 🙂

  5. Sure I usually do well at them and done quite well last year at ascot. Bit of a let down really this week but I haven’t been putting in half the effort I promised myself I would when I started this month!

    I agree balasc, I had a go don’t think I lost in that one but it was a dangerous one!! The 3 horse race??

  6. They didn’t removed the 1st one, the race suspended while inrunning. 🙂 But when they removed the 2nd fav, the first one “drift” down min 30 ticks immediately. It was horrible for me, i had an opened position.. I’m lucky 🙂

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