Day 15… At last… Ascot

Royal Ascot is HERE! So the first day of Ascot has come and gone! the warm-up day as it were.

I disregarded some of my own usual advice on the first day of Ascot: “Take it easy and work into it.”

I over-staked a bit early and made a significant blunder by monitoring the wrong racing channel for the runners heading to the start. Naturally, I realised my mistake when the race went in-play, and I was still merrily scalping away! It was a rookie error that, thankfully, didn’t cost too much, although it was still painful enough to feel (see Stratford result).

Overall, the racing at Ascot was okay, but not as thrilling as I had hoped. There were a couple of decent races, but most were mediocre. The substantial amount of money in the market on the first day made it challenging to enter and exit positions effectively.

Despite these setbacks, the day ended with a reasonably good result.

Another mishap in the early evening cost me just over £150. I need to eliminate these frequent ‘blips’—they’ve become a bit too common lately and cutting them out would significantly improve my weekly results.

Trading Ascot Betfair


I faced some tough luck in tennis trading yesterday. The game I was involved in was abruptly halted, and by the time I realized what was happening, it was too late—I lost my entire stake. The match was called off due to a player’s recurring injury, which turned into free money for those court-side, but that’s the nature of the game. Despite this setback, I’m determined to continue and improve in my tennis trading efforts!

Big Brother

Big Brother has kicked off again, and though I missed the first few episodes, I’ve been keeping an eye on it. Early markets often feature mispriced bets, so I’ve placed a few speculative orders—just small ones for now, but I’m optimistic about turning some early profit in the next few weeks to leverage later.

My best bet so far was on Sam when he was the favorite at 4.9. At the moment, my other main interest is in Friday’s eviction—I’m curious to see if Gina will actually be the one to leave.

Now, onto day 2 of trading at Ascot! Good luck to all!

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