Day 11, 12, 13 & 14….. HANGOVER!

[Posted June 18, 2013]


What a messy few days! in more ways than one way. Ridiculous.

Where do I start?…

Friday I had a complete mare trading. As usual started well and started to progress, the infamous ‘Bomber’ turned up and in once instance absolutely wiped me out.

I was high stakes scalping in the market when he took the price from 5.6 to about 4.0 in less than 20 seconds along with all my stakes at the same time leaving me almost £300 out of pocket in one race. I was absolutely fuming.

I carried on and there was more of the same, the end result being I finished down on the day to the tune of about £50, also I messed up on the Tsonga game once more… maybe learning the Tennis while doing this challenge hasn’t been the best idea but still I want to carry on, these things rarely come quickly!

Two instances where I got stung hard…. Savage drops in price

Saturday & Sunday I took off to attend a wedding which I mentioned in previous posts, the wedding was really good. Probably one of the best I’ve been too!

However, I managed to stay up drinking till 3.30am with the groom which left me feeling slightly worse for wear!

Sunday trading was a definite no go, wedding breakfast in the morning but due to the good evening of drinking previous I deemed it better off just left alone!

Monday… again I didn’t feel great and the cards looked not so brilliant. I managed to drag myself to the computer to trade the evening cards a little which seemed pretty good.

The infamous ‘BOMBER’ shew his hand again, which this time was a lot easier to play as he was systematically dragging his oversized bets down in the market mainly on the favourite. This kind of behaviour makes it far easier to read and profit from…… hence my profit and loss below!

However, if you look to last race I had become a little trusting of this behaviour and got on for a considerable stake, just before he removed his bet… *heartbroke*

The market erupted into anarchy as you can imagine probably with lots of other traders thinking the same….. ‘he’s just going to drag this down’…… all I can say is ‘Ouch’ and computer off time, all in all its been a terrible, terrible week.

Looking forward to Ascot starting today although I’ve got my work cut out for me now if I’m to hit this £10k target and can’t have any more time off to get drunk!

Probably been doing that a bit too much.

Trading Betfair half way

3 thoughts on “Day 11, 12, 13 & 14….. HANGOVER!

  1. Hi Caan. Yep it’s the ‘Indecisive Kamikaze Bomber’. Noticed the large lumps flying about but as you mention he/she/they sometimes just pull it from the market at the last minute and then it’s every man for himself. Every time it popped up yesterday it seemed to cause confusion as to whether he/she/they wanted it matched or not? It’s definitely either manipulation or someone with too much cash because most of the time they are matched they’re getting it wrong and doing their dough I think?

    And remember, beer is made for drinking so sounds like you had a cracking time at the wedding!

    No doubt you’ll smash into Ascot!

    Cheers – Dave.

  2. Cheers dave, hope i pick up soon!!

    Daniel, he has been about sporadically for the last week… sometimes its really helpful but others you have to be careful as it can be disasterous as you can see!!

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