5 Best Betting Books (Worth the Time Reading)

Everyone loves a good betting book. But if you’re going to invest your time into reading one, it has to assist your journey.

There’s a lot of betting advice and books out there. Most aren’t worth your time, but there are a couple of gems…

In this article, I share the best betting books I’ve read, and why they’re worth your time. I believe these five books will help you, whether you trade on Betfair or have a flutter on the weekend.

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There may be more that I haven’t yet seen, so feel free to add your best betting books in the comment section at the end.

(1) Enemy Number 1 by Patrick Veitch

Enemy Number One

It’s fair to say that Patrick Veitch changed the betting game. He studied maths at Cambridge and his book, Enemy Number 1, is about how he took ten million from the bookmakers in eight years.

Anybody that’s interested in betting, or trading, will learn something from this book. It gives a very good insight in Veitch’s thinking. While he’s not going to give any too many secrets; you’re bound to notice a few things of importance.

Veitch tells the story about his life and how he came back from a year in hiding from gangsters. It’s a fascinating read at times and it has to take top spot on my list! Patrick Veitch has to be the best professional gambler in the UK. Perhaps that statement will annoy some people, because everyone likes to think they are the best, but he was a total expert in his field at the time, approching the game with new angles. Plus he totally and utterly smashed the bookmakers.

Where to buy Enemy Number 1 by Patrick Veitch: Here on Amazon.

(2) Betfair Trading Made Simple

Betfair Trading Made Simple

I couldn’t have a list of the Best Betting Books without including it! I worked long and hard to get this book to where it is. I’m delighted it’s been so well received.

If you haven’t heard about my book, here’s a brief description. Betfair Trading Made Simple is a fantastic book for anyone looking to start their trading journey on Betfair. It’s an entry-level book for beginners who are keen to learn.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? When I did some market research I see there wasn’t anywhere that people could go straight away, at the start of their journey. I feel I have made the process of learning how to trade on Betfair as quick and as simple as possible. However, that’s just just the start!

Feel free to check out the 95+ reviews on Amazon, many have found it useful.

Where to buy Betfair Trading Made Simple: Here on Amazon.

(3) The Sure Thing: The Greatest Coup In Horse Racing History

The Sure Thing: The Greatest Coup In Horse Racing History

Barney Curley will always be a controversial figure in racing. I have to say I found this book to be an excellent read, and although I am not a punter – I can appreciate all the hard work it takes!

The author Nick Townsend tells the story of Barney Curley. It’s difficult to put it down once you get into it. If you’re a fan of horse racing; you will love this book. Perhaps you won’t learn as much from this book as you would from the first two I have listed, but it’s very much worth a read nonetheless.

Barney Curley has lived an incredible life. Whatever people may think about him and his plots, he’s done so much charity work I feel like he deserves a bit of a pass on the negative stuff. However, others may think differently – is he doing the charity work because he’s guilty about the way he got horses to certain handicap marks? That debate is for another day but this book is definitely worth a read and it comfortably gets into top three betting books.

Where to buy The Sure Thing: Here on Amazon.

(4) Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks: The Science, Psychology & Philosophy Of Gambling

Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks: The Science, Psychology & Philosophy of Gambling

Ok, so this book is for those who really love the heavy knowledge stuff. It may not be as mainstream as the others, but it’s definitely worth your time if you’re after a serious betting book.

The author Joseph Buchdahl was actually a runner for Patrick Veitch. You can tell from the book that he absolutely loves spending hours upon hours looking at hard data and the sweet science of betting odds.

You have to be a real numbers guy to fully appreciate this book, but I recommend trying it. It’s a heavy read but you may pick up something important to you along the way. Anyone with a passion for trading should enjoy this book. Weekend punters? Probably not. This is the Moneyball of betting books!

Where to buy Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks: Here on Amazon.

(5) The Mental Game Of Poker

The Mental Game of Poker: Proven Strategies for Improving Tilt Control, Confidence, Motivation, Coping with Variance, and More

I’m going to finish with something a little different for most Betfair traders: Poker.

This book may focus on the mental strength required to win at Poker; however the same carries through for trading. This is a tough game that we do and you simply have to be mentally strong.

I loved this book. It’s all about keeping your discipline, or “not going on tilt” as they say in the Poker game. Discipline is such a key area of trading but there isn’t a Betfair trading book out there that can compare to this one.

If you are calmer in the markets, you will make better decisions. If you don’t chase your loses, you will win more over the year. If you make controlled decisions every day on Betfair, you will be more successful.

This book helps you get your head right in my opinion, and it’s really worth reading. The only reason it’s five on my list instead of higher is that it’s based on Poker and not trading.

Where to buy The Mental Game Of Poker: Here on Amazon.

Best Betting Books Worth a Mention?

So there you have it, five of the best betting books you’ll find. It’s a nice mix if you haven’t read any of them, and they aren’t expensive to buy either.

Let me know your top five in the comments below!

Or if there’s a book that definitely should have made my list. I’m always open to reading some new trading books…

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9 thoughts on “5 Best Betting Books (Worth the Time Reading)

  1. All great recommendations I would like to add Harry Findlay’s book! It’s not the best betting book for learning but has an interesting story from a man that has lived in the edge!

  2. Calculating bets is a betting book I found to be interesting. It focuses on modelling and data. It won’t give away anything that you find in most of the other books but I enjoyed it none the less.

    I will now order the Patrick V one as it has a lot of good reviews.


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