BF Bot Manager Overview (for Betfair)

BF Bot Manager Review

If you’re looking to run a Betfair automation, you’ll probably want to know what’s effective and reliable.

This BF Bot Manager review will show you all of its features, functionality, settings and share some opinions about the software’s capability, and overall value…

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Starting from the top, the first thing we want to highlight is this – BF Bot Manager is an application for bots and automation only. This means their 100% sole focus is on software for automated trading rules.

But does that make it the best application if it’s kind?

Let’s find out…

What is a BF Bot Manager?Bot Manager Servants

BF Bot Manager is an application created by Rade Jaramaz that allows you to place bets and trades on Betfair, Betdaq, and Matchbook. In the right hands it can increase your profitability on Betfair as it cuts out time spent manual trading. Additionally, there is ticket-based help and lifetime updates as and when discharged. The software is fully customisable.

The application performs various tasks, like placing and cancelling back or lay bets, trading via a ladder display, straight betting and more. The biggest selling point is creating custom bots for your Betfair trading.

There are two versions available in this system, each having its own pricing plans. Here they are:

V2 version:

This model allows you to upload a bot of your choice and enables you to stack your preferred bot into its administrative structure and begin betting or trading.

V3 version:

V3 enables you to make techniques that will bet or trade by well-defined rules, or you can utilise ladder and grid controls and bet at your will. It also allows you to operate unlimited strategies at the same time, appealing to those with multiple approaches.

Technical Specifications:

The one pre-requisite you must complete before trying is to have a Betfair exchange account. Many will already be aware of this but we thought it’d be best to mention it. No matter which software product you use, you’ll need one.

How does BF Bot Manager Work?

In a nutshell, you are offered the facility to create a custom bot, according to your needs. If you’re unable, they offer additional services for made-to-spec bots.

If you are using this software for the first time or you are new to betting, possibly you don’t know the tools required for it. In that case, think of BF Bot as some sort of RPG where you need to customise a character before you start playing a game. You give it numerous features like looks, weapons and skills, which help you out in completing the game. It’s more or less the betting version of setting up a game! The only difference is the BF Bot team will work this job out for you. All you have to do is to submit your requests to the team, so they can make bots correctly.

Besides these bots, the team is also specialised in making software that you might require.

Their line of expertise is:

  • C#.Net, Java
  • PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

BF Bot Manager Screenshot

The Specs and Requirements of BF Bot Manager

BF Bot Manager is both unique and handy in its own way. The customisation facility has really offered flexibility to traders. This is important because there are so many different betting and trading strategies out there.

Here are the features of V2 that you can’t ignore:

  • Back or Lay betting bot
  • Manual Grid Management
  • Bookmarking and Dutching
  • Horse-racing trading bot
  • Reminders / Notifications
  • Customisation facility
  • Access on an unlimited number of computers
  • Email support
  • Guide manual and video tutorials
  • Access to the private chamber’s forum

V3 is an updated version of BF Bot Manager that allows you to create strategies of your choice by availing of different rules and conditions. You can even share them with other people, which also helps the BF bot team to support all the users. The following are the features of this model:

  • Simultaneous run of unlimited strategies
  • Import and Export
  • Reporting of failures and why you were not able to place a bet
  • Betting on your favourite
  • Hedging, closing bets and trading out rules
  • Single standard principles, for instance, over rounds, back/lay apportion, min/max number of sprinters/costs, and so on
  • Effective staking plans
  • Selecting markets of your choice through automatic filtration facility
  • Football statistics
  • Details of Horse racing including the rules and regulations
  • Discretionary membership to the third-party game in play insights administration and guidelines for wagering by those details

System Requirements

It’s not new that any software requires a particular system to run. BF Bot Manager also has some, which you must know to run it:

  • A license key
  • Runs on windows vista, 7, 8, 10 or newer
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
  • CPU with a speed of 2 GHz or faster
  • RAM of 2GB or more
  • The screen display of about 1280 x 900 or higher
  • A trusty and fluent internet connection of 4Mbps or more
  • Optionally, you can use VPS server to run a bot, otherwise, BF bot manger only runs on Windows

How much Does BF Bot Manager cost?

BF Bot Manager requires a license key to operate. The company offers on the code depending on the type of plan you choose, which are as follows:

  • Version 2 for Betdaq – £29.95 per month.
  • Version 3 for Matchbook- £29.95 per month.
  • Version 3 for Betfair – £29.95 per month.

You can also try the software for 5 days if you want to check its performance. Just submit your email and the company will send you a license key.

Here are the payment packages for this software through PayPal:

  • For one month – £29.95
  • For 3 months – £59.95 (£19.99 per month)
  • For 6 months – £89.95 (£14.99 per month)
  • For 12 months – £119.95 (£9.99 per month)

Helpful Link: Betfair Trading | The Ultimate Starters Article

User Manual:

If you don’t understand how to operate BF Bot Manager or can’t download on your computer, and you are not much a video watcher, then, there is a solution to that – the guide manual of BF Bot. Here you will see the list of PDF files that explain almost every possible issue in the mind of users. You will find them in English, Portuguese, and German languages.

Our Verdict – A Final Word

Overall, BF Bot Manager is one of the better automation platforms. The fact they have chosen to specialise in one area is promising. In terms of features and functionality, there’s a broad selection on offer with many ‘out the box’ templates available.

Creating bots is a specialised skill in itself, so it’s good to see they offer support and help with building your rules. For many automation isn’t an option but if you’re interested in giving it a go this product is up the top with the best of them!

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17 thoughts on “BF Bot Manager Overview (for Betfair)

  1. This would be a great piece of software if it wasn’t so unreliable – but it is – and probably intentionally. Newbies don’t notice because they’re too busy learning how to use the software and developing strategies. Once you’re familiar with the software and have a working strategy, you begin to notice how the bot will sporadically fail to place hedge bets/close trades with no feasible explanation – meaning you have to constantly monitor it (and defeating the entire purpose of having a bot.) If you ask for assistance in figuring out why bets aren’t being placed, the creators refuse to offer any help unless you send them a copy of your strategy – which no sensible person should ever consider doing if you know the strategy is profitable. And if you post anything remotely critical on their forum, they remove it. Disappointing

    1. Hi Tom, sorry to hear this. From a website owner’s point of view my only thought here is – if you won’t let them see it, how do you expect them to help resolve it? It could well be there is a problem with the setup etc.

      However, on the other hand, from a traders perspective, I see why you wouldn’t want to do that. To my knowledge, the owners of this particular software aren’t interested in trading themselves so it wouldn’t matter. Anyhow, I think I’m right in saying if they really wanted to, they could track your bets anyway.


    2. Have to agree with Tom as good an idea it is it is not reliable enough to use profitably. The back and lay bot is the most reliable but the horse trader one has so many bugs. Granted this is version 2 that is no longer available but having tinkered with it for 4-5 years it has yet to turn a profit no matter the system I come up with and I try them for minimum 6 months at a time. Random bets placed, bets lapsed or invalid in software yet went in ok on the exchange so bot doesn’t carry out any hedging and these rarely go in your favour.

      I don’t think Rade has the time to want to steal strategies but If I developed a software and someone gave me the golden goose I would almost certainly use it but im pretty sure there isn’t one, what works this month if using recovery will always end up in failure. In an ideal world trading with them is the key but until its 100% reliable it will never work out, nor is betfair stable enough.

      Having tried all the automated software over the years even version 3 of this bot I would recommend sticking to manual trading.

  2. My main gripe is that in most circumstances, once you’re familiar with the application and not asking obvious questions, they don’t even TRY to help unless you export your strategy to them. They’re unwilling to even offer suggestions to help you troubleshoot issues yourself – which is what I always prefer to do because it helps me learn.

    I have been using BF Bot Manager for almost three years and most of that has been spent learning how to use it efficiently; learning which of my strategies are suitable for automation, and which strategies can be successfully adapted to the conditions available within this particular bot. I’m at a point now where, if bets are sporadically failing for no obvious reason, it is most likely due to a bug in the application.

    As creators of software such as this, they must surely be aware that serious traders will be reluctant to export copies of their strategies. They MUST be aware of this. So their insistence on it can only really mean one of two things: either they want to steal profitable strategies, or they suspect that the application contains bugs and need to examine strategies that expose the bugs in order to fix them. This would be perfectly acceptable if they were honest about it and priced the software accordingly, but I don’t pay £30 a month to be the bug-tester of an unreliable betting bot – and I doubt anyone else would either!

    I like the application and I have enjoyed learning how to use it, but if bugs – deliberate or otherwise – prevent my strategies from being profitable then there’s no point in wasting any further time on it. I doubt I’ll continue using it once my current subscription runs out which, after nearly three years, is a real shame.

  3. Tom’s comments surprise me, alot.

    I have been using the software since November 2018 and have found the support from Rade to be second to none. He usually responds with detailed help within an hour and rarely asks for my strat file to be sent, usually the bot general settings and log are required, as you might expect.
    I am running 58 strategies in Live mode and they do not place “random bets”. Bets that have been missed that should have been placed are done so due to error in set up by the user – being myself.

    I have posted critical comments in the forum and they are still there, not deleted. I might suggest those being removed are spreading false information about, ahem, reliability or are abusive. It is a fantastic bit of kit IMO IF you know how to get it set up properly and work with the developers to help resolve issues.

    1. Hi Trader Dez,

      I have been manually trading for many years, only part time and sometimes with no time at all! So now is the time for me to look at automation, I like the look of this system and I am going to give it go for a while, I’m encouraged by your comments as both Tom’s & Billy’s were putting me off, but it does seem it could be for some of reasons you have suggested.

    2. In response to Trader Dez’s comments – I completely agree that Rade offers fantastic support when the help required is trivial. I don’t wish to appear condescending, but after only a little over a year, I’d be surprised if your bots have yet reached the level of sophistication that mine were at. I invested close to three years learning how to get the most from the software, and over that time, my bots became considerably more complex – but I was confident in my understanding of every facet of them. My bets were not “random” – quite the opposite, in fact; they were very specific. User errors were occasional but my knowledge of the software was advanced enough that I was able to spot and diagnose such instances myself fairly easily.

      Amongst a bunch of times where I was completely stumped, my usual solution was to reconfigure my bot to bypass the issue, however on occasions, where that was not possible, I did sometimes succumb to sending edited versions of a strategy to Rade. There are three occasions that I can distinctly remember (although there were likely others) where his response was that the problem was caused by a software bug. Granted, the bugs were fixed within a day or two – but only after they had already caused days/weeks/months of wasted time, as well as wasting days/weeks/months of my software licence – of which there was never any apology or offer of reimbursement.

      Something I found particularly annoying is that even after having been responsible for finding previous bugs – my requests for help were still treated with the same attitude. There were occasions when I was unwilling to send my strategy but I was very clear in my reporting of what was an undeniable problem with the software. They wouldn’t even discuss the issues with me because I refused to send my strategy.

      I’ll hold my hands up and admit that my initial response on here was written when I was in a foul mood – and in retrospect, I don’t honestly believe that they’re deliberately out to pinch profitable strategies (although, as Billy noted – they’re not going to ignore one if lands on their lap.) However, there is no doubt in my mind that the software is too unreliable to be worth investing your energy into.

      1. What betting bot would you recomment ?
        Tried bet bot pro…massive amounts of bugs. Im put off by the comments about bf bot manager….and their price which is not £30 ! Once u are on paypal trying to pay u pay almost £36 for a month ! (because allegedly vat…)

        1. Well vat does exist… and 30 + 20% does equal 36.
          I think BFBotManager is the best, but you do have to create the bot yourself yes.

          1. I can’t comment on whether BFBotManager is “the best” because I haven’t tried any others but I definitely wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on it. £30 per month for a professional looking but largely unworkable product. Every new release creates fresh bugs in parts of the bot that previously worked – so it’s like a never ending loop of fault finding. I’ve lost count of the number of bugs I’ve reported. Rade is always quick to shut down any forum posts that expose problems – and won’t even attempt to fix them unless you do half the work for him. For the price he charges, it’s terrible service.

  4. Just to add my experience. I have been using the Bf Bot Manager for nearly 2 years costing £10 per month (12 month plan) and the most surprising thing for me is how fast the customer service gets back to me with my questions and problems. It may be that Tom’s strategies were, as he says, so complex that they stretched the software to its limits, but I have found no other software that does what I want with the wide range of abilities of the Bf Bot Manager at the price I pay now. I highly recommend it. Recently it has added in free tennis and football live score statistics services that were previously extra add ons with a 3rd party service, so I have has some promising new strategies trying to trade in/out automatically based on the server each game in tennis matches. I run mine on a VPS and it is fun to check in and see how it is doing each day. I run another copy of the software on a laptop locally in simulation mode to constantly test new strategies. (1 licence can run any number of copies using the same Betfair account, but Betfair impose a limit of 2 API services (2 bots) connecting to 1 Betfair account at a time as far as I know.) I have a few strategies that get a small ROI, but I multiply that by using the Odds Staking Ladder staking rule to run the Secure Staking plan with the DP settings from the “The Staking Plans Book” by Tom Whitaker (worth a read). Overall I think the Bf Bot Manager is worth using, and yes, if you do find problems, they can get solved quicker if you share the strategy, because then he can point out the problems sooner. I am sorry to hear Adam and Tom had a bad experience with it, but I think it’s still a really good bot. £30 p/m is a bit steep, so it’s best to go for the annual plan to get £10 per month. Much cheaper.

  5. Hi I don’t know if this is the right place to offer this? but I have a simple scalping bot that anyone can have free of charge. All you need is gruss betting assistant, its just a simple excel sheet that places a bet then when matched places another bet up to 3 ticks apart, it then repeats the process.

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