Monster Update! Just Click Play Now… [B2L]

Monster Update

Exciting news! We’ve gone all out to improve our video tutorials in a massive way. Now, it’s ready…

After listening to user feedback at the beginning of the year, we committed to developing and upgrading our current content. First, we added an additional module, then we significantly improved the mindset module (and added some new content). But now, we’ve gone all out on explaining one of our most popular strategies.

There’s so much effort gone into this, one module has become a course in its own right! Here are the details.

Monster Update: B2L

Now, what does the update include?

  • Better quality video tutorials explaining strategy and reasoning (now 22+).
  • Specific instruction is broken down into digestible steps to assist a thorough understanding.
  • A wider variety of example trades executed by myself (some live, some in slow motion).
  • Analytical explanation of why trades were successful (or not).
  • Clearer examples, including my own mistakes.

We have worked hard on this update to deliver maximum value. At times things don’t go right so we’ve been careful to show them moments too! (and how to deal with them).

Consistent risk limitation is the main objective… 

Successfull Back to Lay

A lot of Betfair trading strategies depend on strong executional method and precise detail. Slowing down the screen recordings allows extra time to highlight the specifics so it’s been a win-win, in the heat of the moment there’s often a lot to explain!

Some of the support community have picked up on the new videos before this formal announcement, the feedbacks been great to see!

So What’s Next?

Making this update is a step in the right direction for members, if you’re on the forum please do add your thoughts to the daily front-runner’s thread.

We’re not done yet though, there are around 4 more clips to be added to this course/module. It’s also given us ideas on how we can improve other areas of the video pack course. If you’ve got something you’d like to see please let us know in the Betfair trading community. With nearly 10,000 posts it’s a vibrant resource in itself!

I look forward to improving things further!

Check it Out: Full Course Details Listing Here

5 thoughts on “Monster Update! Just Click Play Now… [B2L]

  1. This update is great, as you are always banging on and on about self discipline in the moment. All of these new videos show how to maintain that control, brilliant.
    Thanks again

  2. A lot going on in our lives…and I’m still shit at trading, so I find some normality in that. Thanks for your help over the years in regards to trading but I’m knocking it on the head mate. God bless

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