A Review of the Irish Gambling Market in 2024

Ireland’s gambling scene is undergoing a seismic shift. By the end of 2024, projections indicate that the online gambling market will grow to about $1.24bn — and that’s just the beginning. With a projected steady growth rate of 2.46% annually, analysts believe this number will climb to an impressive $1.40bn by 2029.

The online casino segment plays its part by making up an impressive projected market volume of $0.70bn this year, showing just how much it now contributes to the overall gambling take.

Below, we discuss the factors driving this surge, and what does it mean for players and industry leaders alike.

Rolling the dice on market expansion

The pull of online casinos is hard to resist, and as we have seen, it shows. It is not just about the thrill of the game captivating Irish players, but the convenience and variety many can find on these platforms.

As the online casino market share continues to increase, the market has reported a corresponding rise in users, with numbers expected to hit over 904,000 by 2029.

The rise can also be seen when you look at user penetration, which is set to hit 14.4% this year. In simpler terms, one in every seven Irish adults will be spinning the virtual roulette wheel or placing bets on their favourite matches.

Gambling is a cultural phenomenon

Sports betting is a significant player in this story. It is not just about placing a bet. It is about appealing to Ireland’s deep-seated love for sports. Gaelic games, football, rugby, athletics and golf are all popular in the country. Sports betting’s rise is as much about the evolution of new technologies to serve it as it is about the games themselves. From the electric atmosphere of a live event to the strategic allure of virtual sports participation, online platforms are finding new ways to cater to this passion like never before.

The casino industry has also exploded in popularity. Due to advantages such as online mobile casinos, players have better access than ever before. It’s important to remember when playing online to approach it safely, which is why sites like https://irishluck.ie/ review online casinos to ensure safe gameplay for players.

The industry walks a regulatory tightrope

Gambling is largely considered a social ill by many of its detractors, and while debates could be had about how to regulate it, we are not here to do that.

The Irish government has stepped up, as most governments have, to ensure that as the gambling industry grows, it does so in a way that does not put consumers in danger.

Known as the Gambling Regulation Bill, the legislation is a gamechanger that many think will overhaul how the industry operates. The legislation is aimed at modernizing the regulatory framework for the gambling sector to keep up with new advancements.

Here are some key points from the bill:

  • Establishment of the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland.
  • Focus on public safety and wellbeing, especially among vulnerable individuals susceptible to gambling.
  • Regulation of advertising, websites and apps, including the ability to address the promotion of gambling services and introduce licensing and taxation for online operators.
  • The legislation emphasizes consumer protection, with provisions for preventing addiction and ensuring that operators provide clear information to consumers.

There have been concerns raised by industry stakeholders, such as Racing TV and Flutter, regarding certain aspects of the bill. They have voiced their apprehension regarding the bill and how it may affect the Exchequer and horse racing industry if it is enacted without modification.

Market forces: Challenges and opportunities

With the projected levels of growth, responsibility must be put at the forefront of each gambling initiative. In Ireland, the industry faces challenges and opportunities.

We aim to explore them in this section to provide an in-depth perspective of the nitty gritty involved in the projections we mentioned in the introduction.

The challenges

  • Regulatory compliance: As government revise gambling laws to keep up with changing times, companies must navigate a complex legal landscape. Their obligations include adherence to tax, licensing and fair competition laws.
  • Market saturation: With nearly everyone owning a smartphone or smart device of some kind, it is almost guaranteed that most of us have heard about gambling companies or are already a gambling site member. Pending any extenuating circumstances, most people tend to stick with what they know. Companies, especially new ones, may struggle to gain significant market share.
  • Technological advancements: Keeping pace with technology, such as mobile platforms and secure payment systems, is essential given that the modern world continues to be highly vulnerable to cybercrime.
  • Social responsibility: Without the proper guardrails, gambling can be taken too far and end up being addictive for many users. Gambling companies are called on to provide mechanisms for reducing harm and helping route those who need help to those who can assist.


  • Marketing innovations: Effective marketing strategies that leverage social media and big data for targeted ads can help gambling companies stand out and attract a loyal customer base.
  • Regulations: While these may appear to be a challenge at first, changes can lead to new markets and customer segments. Companies can capitalize on these shifts if they are well-placed to see the opportunity coming.
  • Responsible gambling initiatives: There is a growing emphasis on seeing companies take responsibility for their product. This is normally through regulations that specify where and when you can advertise, what you can say and the resources you need to make available to users to protect their best interests. Companies that succeed in taking care of their customers come out on top.

While challenges are significant, they are not just another hurdle companies need to vault over. They can be viewed as a way to innovate and improve continuously. Companies that manage to turn these hurdles into opportunities will remain relevant and can solidify their position in the Irish market.

An economic jackpot

The financial ripple effects of the economic advantages and benefits provided by the Irish gambling market will be felt strongly in 2024. This growth is making investors more confident and driving economic activity in other sectors.

In Ireland, the inflation rate was at 6.3% overall in 2023, with projections that it will decrease, allowing for a return to growth in real incomes. This news is particularly good for consumers, as it increases their purchasing power and can lead to higher discretionary spending, including in the gambling sector.

The gambling industry’s expansion is contributing to the labour market’s strength. With the industry at full capacity, there’s demand for a skilled workforce, leading to job creation and a decrease in unemployment rates, which are expected to average 4.3% in 2024.

Furthermore, the Irish online gambling market is being driven by changing customer preferences and the increasing popularity of sports betting and online casino games. The convenience offered by online platforms, coupled with smartphones and improved internet connections, is attracting a more diverse customer base and adding to the market’s growth.

Looking ahead

The Irish online gambling market in 2024 is a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape. It is a story marked by growth, driven by technological changes shifting consumer preferences and set against a backdrop of changing regulatory frameworks.

As the market continues to expand, it remains to be seen how these forces will shape the future. One thing is clear: the dice are rolling, and Ireland’s online gambling market is betting on a bright future.

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