Growth: Added Support Staff!


Progress is my priority, in all walks of life.

Trading is the best thing that ever happened to me, it’s helped me open up my mind. As I said in a recent post, it really is the be-and-end-all. In fact,  a few months back I’d started to put on a bit of weight. Being the porkiest I’ve ever been in my life I made the decision for change. It was far easier than learning to trade but, the thinking and self-development I’ve learnt through trading made it a doddle. I just got ‘conscious’ about my diet and exercise routine, and built the right habits.

Anyway, recently I’ve taken the decision to improve the site as much as possible. Not an easy task balancing everything though I can assure you.

For that reason I’ve taken on a couple of extra support staff. Guide and Video Pack customers that have emailed in will have no doubt already spoken to one of the support team.

Progress is the game now for me. It’s what puts a smile on my face!


For those that are completely lost, and have just come into trading we’ve recently added a Beginners Tab Here.

You’ll find all the basics, laid out in a simple format. Be aware though: reading through the content and watching the videos on this tab may take a little while. It’s not a 5 minute job.

The existing email support for customers remains. All customers are prioritised naturally, especially if it should be an access problem. Where possible, all questions from non-customers are answered as best as possible. Regularly asked will be directed towards the YouTube Q&A thread. Several have already been answered here over time.

Some feedback we’ve received recently is the explanation style posts are of particular use to readers. Maybe a few more of those…

Other than that; we’re open to suggestions. Feel free to let us know below!

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