AP McCoy an asset when trading Betfair (Video Post)

AP McCoy a legend in his own right, as far as trading Betfair goes I owe him a few quid, Here’s how….

AP McCoy - trading Betfair

As far as trading Betfair goes there are very few jockies that have the power to influence the market heavily. One exception being AP McCoy, over the years he’s quite rightly earnt the title of superstar jockey. While there are others I’d say he possesses the most power to influence the market one way or another. Unfortunately he recently announced his plans to step down at the end of the season. I say unfortunately as over the years he’s helped me make a packet at times. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for the public to affix themselves to a new superstar…

So how can one jockey have such an influence on the market you may wonder? Quite simply by winning…. a lot! Of course it’s not just a case of his mounts shortening in price because he’s aboard. In my experience it often comes when he wins several times in one day. Let me explain in this video I recorded on 23rd of Feb (Sunday).

Over the years there have been many different opportunities like this from AP. Others can also cause these effects although its more notable the jockies in the public eye. I can only imagine what must have happened to betting markets the year Frankie Dettori famously had 7 winners in one day! Back then in 1996 trading Betfair wasn’t on the cards unfortunately as the exchange hadn’t yet been founded. Hopefully it happens again though at some point (preferably next week at the Cheltenham festival, that really would be a dream come true).

Having a significant edge at times like this can be really helpful although it’s important to keep the right frame of mindset in toe when trading the markets this time of year. You’ll notice in the clip although it may have been an exception with the favorite I only tested the market with smaller stakes on the second runner. Admittedly it was to keep things simple being on a larger stake elsewhere but im still always cautious of not getting on too heavy until im certain in the February markets. The good news is from Cheltenham onwards things should really heat up with betting activity – just in time to fill yer pockets with cash for the beer garden!

On Monday public support for AP McCoy was no different either…. The win in the first race helped the support in the last as well.


And the last race….


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3 thoughts on “AP McCoy an asset when trading Betfair (Video Post)

  1. Hi Caan,

    Thanks for your video on youtube today re AP McCoy factor. Question please, say he has ridden the first two winners for example, does the price for his next mount start to come in literally after the second winner has passed the post? Just curious to know when to enter the market in such a situation?

    Thank you

    1. It can do, depends on the emphasis on TV, if its a fav etc too. Sometimes it will have less effect, like with other jockies – in this instance they were making a big deal of it on the tv after his second and his 3rd ride was fav in the next race at the track.

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