BEST Sports Betting Podcast’s (Top 3 Online Today)

Best Sports Betting Podcasts

There are now heaps of sports betting podcasts kicking about, but which one’s are best?

In recent years there’s been an influx of Twitter and YouTube accounts pop up offering advice and services. Unfortunately, many have no real credentials.

But to separate the wheat from the chaff, here’s a few of the best betting podcasts online today…

All three podcasts have their own benefits and areas of focus. For that reason we’ve broken each one down, explained a little about what they do, the features they have, and plucked up a couple of the better episodes! (in our humble opinion).

If you’re travelling or away, you may even want to bookmark this post for re-visit.

#1 Betting Podcast: Business of Betting…

The business of betting is a long standing sports betting podcast, with a pretty good reputation. Hosted by Jake Williams, an easy-going Aussie who covers a whole range of topics. From corporate bookmaking up to sports trading, the business of betting has the lot!

Unlike most betting podcasts there’s very little script or pre-arranged questions before the episode starts. This is a pretty good way of doing things as it allows the episode take a path of it’s own (instead of continually re-directing to the usual questions).

Recently Caan spoke to Jake in Episode 53…

Like many betting podcast’s you can access the business of betting via soundcloud, libsyn and itunes.

What Podcast Episodes Are Best?

Most of the episodes last a while so we’ve taken the quick-route and asked Jake which 3 have been the most popular downloads over time. In no particular order, here they are:

  • Episode 3: Legendary Australian Bookmaker and Professional Punter 50-60 Million 80’s
  • Episode 9: Professional Punter and Thought Leader in Racing
  • Episode 12: World Leading Sectional Data Expert & Racing Analyst

As traders these three aren’t likely to help you improve profits, but they’re a good listen none the less. Occasionally, the smallest comment can trigger an aha moment as-well, so don’t completely rule it out.

I listened to episode 9 on the way to work this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s some golden nuggets in there.

Next up, a popular UK betting podcast…

#2 Matchbook Sports Betting Podcast:

Matchbook insights is the only betting podcast hosted by an exchange provider, a pretty smart move on their part. Much like trading, what’s the point in competing when there’s an area of the market you can exploit without competition?!matchbook betting podcast

The Matchbook podcast is broad, much like the business of betting – except they tend to cover and preview current events more. You’d expect this with the use of their exchange as motivation, we can’t fault them for that!

Hosted by Emmet Kennedy, Aidan O’Sullivan, Jesse May there’s rarely a dull moment…

We messaged our contacts at Matchbook to find out 3 of their favourite episodes. Here’s what come back:

  • Exclusive interview with Joseph O’Brien
  • Royal Ascot Special
  • World Cup Preview with Gabriele Marcotti

As far as sports betting podcasts go in the UK, the Matchbook podcast has the largest audience of active followers. Targeted primarily at sports fans it’s worth a look. Again, you never know which piece of the trading puzzle will fall into place, or when.

If you haven’t got time, it’s worth seeing some of the ‘Byte Size’ episodes too. As the name suggests, they’re short and snappy.

You can find the Matchbook Podcast on soundcloud here.

#3 the Betting Guy Podcast:

Last but not least is the Betting Guy Podcast. Run by Dean, a rather likeable and energetic chap…

the Betting Guy Podcast

Considerably smaller then the previous two mentioned we’ve added in the Betting Guy Podcast here purely because we think it could be an up-and-coming podcast of interest.

Dean previously ran a bookmakers shop in the UK for a number of years. With the peaks and troughs that come with this he’s now jumped over to podcasting where he tells his betting stories! a slightly less technical, but totally riveting listen at times. Especially the one about where he got robbed.

Another feature is Deans motivational talking interest, coupled with his enthusiasm it makes for a comfortable listen. For anyone that likes their personal development, it’s unlikely you’ll get bored listening.

You can see a recent Betfair trading episode from this betting podcast on YouTube here.

Your Say: What’s the Best Sports Betting Podcast?

In most cases it depends on what you like, but the 3 sports betting podcasts shared above are likely to be of interest to anyone and everyone.

However, I realise there may still be sports betting podcasts that we haven’t yet heard. If you can recommend another (or even a specific episode) please do in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “BEST Sports Betting Podcast’s (Top 3 Online Today)

  1. The Betting Guy is a top bloke, he’s a bit full on but you can’t help but have his enthusiasm rub off on you a bit.

  2. Business of betting is the best sport podcast online. No. 3 is noisey and nothing more.

    Final furlong is a good podcast to listen in on if you bet horses.

  3. For anyone trading on Group 1 horse racing in Australia I highly recommend Year Round Carnival. Vince Accardi (Daily Sectionals) and host Racetrack Ralphy deep dive into the feature races giving the disciples of Vince,s IVR platform a massive advantage.

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