Bet-failure again…

Been a slow week this week with liquidity down due to cheltenham being just around the corner, obviously theirs been ample opportunity to make money but i’ve just been taking it steady to keep slowly grinding away as the conditions can go from bad to worse particularly if you get caught in an unfavourable position with the wrong sized stake.
On the bright side though im looking forward to cheltenham next week with the time off as its likely to be another learning opportunity and hopefully a healthy profitable one at that.

What has really concerned me this week is all the tales of people accounts being hacked on betfair, some worse than others depending on what the outcome was… some have been lucky and made a few quid from it although its quite clear that the downside has been far worse as the culprits seem to put peoples bank on extremely short odds and bugger off if it don’t work out. Check out the ‘Adapt & Survive’ blog to the left if you haven’t already.

I’ve been in touch with BF already to make sure im doing everying i can and they assure me that it won’t be their end… something im not so sure is correct if this thread is anything to go by. I think all in all the best course of action which i have already taken is to reduce your account balance to the absolute minimum required for that period of time and call the BF helpline asking them to ‘lock’ your account once you have finished for the day until you phone up again, obviously thats not going to be preferable for everyone but is obviously safest for now, who knows maybe BF will get the hint when several people are phoning up every day to lock and unlock accounts?!
It’s not really typical of BF to do anything for their consistent winning customers but hey you never know!

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