Cheltenham… its here!

Hurrah! it’s here at last! …

Yesterday was the first day of the festival, having just looked back on last years blog post on the first day it brought memories flooding back! … unfortunately this time around wasn’t a huge amount better although it wasn’t for not having increased my skill set.

I started off steady but by the second race that had gone out the window, probably a mixture of excitement, opportunity and nerves. All in all I’m not too worried as it’s just the first day and a bit of a warm up if you like, I was most definitely over staking at times too which is something I’m going to try to keep a check on today.

The flasher was about yesterday although I didn’t really make any money off the back of him. Something ill try to do today if the opportunity presents itself. I really can’t work out what this chaps trying to do? the conclusion for me can only be… giving away a lot of money!

Anyway im all up to date on sleep and feeling optimistic about today so I’m off for a swim down the local pool followed by a big dirty brunch and maybe a bit of meditation before I start! good luck all!


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