Funny old weekend…

Bit of a funny weekend this week, was more hopeful for results but these things will happen.

Saturday was a poor show on betfairs behalf, almost straight away from the first race the API was playing up. This left me pretty paranoid with previous experiences and betfair going down after such behaviour, i called them to find out what was happening and how long it was going to be before the fault was fixed… the phone conversation that followed left me horrified that i actually pay this company so much commission and have my money in their accounts, the operator did not know what the API was or that people traded the prices so it seemed. He even tried telling me it was likely to be my connection…….

What a cheek…. clearly it wasnt that, anyway after about an hour it seemed to settle down and resume back to normal….. before it returned and cost me a few quid when i couldnt get a decent size postion out quick enough. I called again to hear their is a fault (nothing on their service page, suprise) and they didnt know how long to sort it… shock… really i should give up letting it get to me, a poor mood decended on me and results for the day ended pretty poor.
Also i emailed them and their duty manager replied telling me when theres problems i should hedge my bets with betfair elsewhere….. what a joke, so something like Vola Vedette can happen like christmas again and leave me broke? no thanks.

Rant aside i just hope this type of thing dosen’t happen over cheltenham, today was ok so it would seem but i got frustrated and started to loose focus and ended up getting caught inplay on the dogs.. what a pain in the arse. All in all a poor weekend for the results, still theirs always tomorrow!

Im starting to look into the tennis more and more as it intreagues me no end, hopefully by the time i reach my deposit ill be consistently making some extra income on that too.. ill update on that when i understand it a little more… thanks to those that have offered a little help!

Only other thing to say is i’ve added a little chart to the side which ill update each week even if i haven’t posted

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