Bet Trader Software Review | Worth it?

Bet Trader

Heard of Bet Trader? You should have! they were one of the first ever trading applications for Betfair (created by Racing Traders).

But what do they offer and how good is their software product?

In this short but specific review, we’re going to take a look at one of the most original apps out there. Be sure to read it thoroughly!

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What is Bet Trader Software?

Bet Trader is one of the longest-serving API products, sometimes known as Bet Trader Evolution. Starting over 15 years ago, Bet Trader allows exchange users to connect to the betting exchanges via their platform. If you’re looking to trade, place bets fast or just hedge up (also known as cashing-out) the application will allow you to do this.

As the very first trading application to introduce the ladder interface, Bet Trader is a pioneer in the betting world. Since then, many other apps have copied their lead.

Throughout this Bet Trader review we’ll cover the following:

  • Software features availablebet trader logo
  • Cost and subscription options
  • Who uses Bet Trader
  • Tech specs and requirements
  • Where to download Bet Trader
  • Value for money

Starting from the top…

Bet Trader Features:

For the manual trader, this software application has just about everything you need. From one-click betting, instant refresh, graphs and training mode up to grid interface (shown below).

Bet Trader Grid Interface

As you may expect, being one of the very first – it looks remarkably like the Betfair website. Just faster, and with more features!

The main features Bet Trader includes are:

Live Video Streaming

Training Mode

Full Market Depth

Tick Offset

Ladder Mode

Grid Interface

Betfair Graphs

Fill or Kill

All of these features will assist you when it comes to making reactive decisions in the betting markets as a manual trader.

Whilst most of the features listed above have become the norm in trader-world it’s good to see they have got the main features right, rather than adding bolt-on after bolt-on just to extract more money from the customer.

Bet Trader User Manual:

The software does have a very thorough user manual as standard. In this respect they’ve done a great job, the Bet Trader user manual is extremely well laid out, clear and easy to understand.

You’ll find text and image-based explanations for every feature and, in some cases videos too!

One of the nice touches about Bet Traders manual is the extra work they have put in for Mac users. Having looked around, this is something you won’t find so easy with competing products.

Bet Trader on Mac

Does Bet Trader Have Automation?

At this point in time, Bet Trader doesn’t have an automation option. However, some very basic automation style rules are included, such as tick offset. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem for most users though, automated trading is a very niche topic.

Typically, successful automated trading comes from users who create their own products – getting a speed edge over everyone else.

Bet Trader Offer (Cost):

To start, you don’t even have to pay! Bet Trader offers a full trial for 14 days.

Bet Trader Download Image

They don’t offer a money-back guarantee after this period, but who’d blame them? You have 14 days to work out if it’s for you.


Beyond the 14 days after download/installation, the subscription options are as follows:

  1. Basic – £0 per month (doesn’t include all features).
  2. Monthly – £9.99 per month (all features).
  3. Annually – £99 per year (equates to £8.25).

Just about every payment option is offered.

Racing Traders support is quite unique in the sense that, there isn’t a support forum but email responses are typically within 24 hours.

Value for Money?

It depends entirely on what you’re after, ten quid a month isn’t exactly expensive. However, if you’re to compare this to alternatives – some offer more features at a reduced price.

But we hasten to add – it’s certainly not the worst value of money option as; some cost three times the amount per subscription.

Racing Traders seem to have found their foothold in the marketplace and at a fair price. In the future, it would be great to see them introduce a support community and extra customisation options. If that happens, only time will tell.

Tech Specs & Requirements…

The one pre-requisite you must complete before trying racing traders is to have a Betfair exchange account. Many will already be aware of this but we thought it’d be best to mention. No matter which software product you use, you’ll need one.


Bet Trader is a relatively lightweight application to download. In the modern world, it’s unlikely anyone is going to have problems with meeting the system requirements, so long as your computer is not more than 10 years old.

If you’re still concerned, the following specification should do it – single core processor (1.6ghz), 20 MB spare memory and 1GB of RAM.

Compatibility of Bet Trader:apple compatibility racing traders

As one of the most compatible trading software’s on the market Bet Trader will work on both Windows and iMac operating systems. You can also access the application through viewer software on iPad or other devices but we wouldn’t advise this. Trading is a complex task and that is likely to be easy with such devices.

With regards to betting markets, Bet Trader is useful for horse racing, football, tennis and just about any other sport you can imagine on Betfair. A minor negative would be there isn’t a Betdaq or Matchbook version available for users at the moment.

Racing Traders Videos:

There’s a selection of software introduction videos on the Racing Traders site, found via the main header bar. Perfect if you want to get a feel for the software!

It’s been several years since they were created, although the ladder and grid interfaces haven’t really changed in that time…

Racing Traders Video Review

As you can see, the ladder layout paved the way for all of those who followed. From an end user perspective, this is great, getting to grips with the various functions and features is easy.

So; with the videos, user features, cost and manuals explored – it’s time to wrap things up with our overall view…

Bet Trader Conclusion:

There’s no reason to doubt that Bet trader (previously evolution) is a true original. Racing Traders founder, Adam Todd has since moved on to new ventures with a new owner John running their app well. He can sometimes be found on twitter tending to support queries personally.

Admittedly they could add additional features, different exchange versions or compete on price – but it seems they’re happy with what they offer. We can’t fault them for that!

The software app does everything you need to feel your way around the exchange markets (with increased responsiveness). For a new trader that hasn’t yet decided which software they prefer it’s a definite download worth the trial.

Have YOU used Bet Trader?

Let us know what you thought of our Bet trader software review in the discussion section below!

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10 thoughts on “Bet Trader Software Review | Worth it?

  1. I have used bet trader trial. I agree it is good for manual trades but not automation. I did not know they were one of the first to make software! Thank you for this review I may try it again.

  2. I’d love to try it, since it’s (probably) the only trading software working on MacOS, but regardless how many times I wrote them during the last two years, they don’t feel like making the software working for Betfair domain in my country. They either don’t understand there are more Betfair domains or they simply don’t care. So thanks, but no thanks…

    1. I see, I guess some things aren’t worth the development time and cost. I believe some of the others do – Geeks Toy for example, although there isn’t a Mac version there.

  3. I tried it early on and it has a beautiful interface for sure, you’d expect this of Mac software though. I just found it’s market search way too clunky, there was no WIN filter and you could end up choosing the wrong market, I did once or twice (market without… etc.,) No Take SP, and really no plans for development. Looks beautiful but way behind the market leaders such as Geeks and Fairbot

  4. Ive used bettrader for about 3 years now and i have to say it suits me love the ladder i have tried Geeks and bet angel but there are to many bells and whistles for me i just wanted to have something simple and for me this is bettrader all the way for me ….

  5. So glad to have found this review Caan, I’ve known about Betfair trading for a while & have had a Betfair account for years & looked at the exchange a few times but never really spent the time to understand it so just stuck to regular sportsbook betting.

    I decided about a month ago to learn a bit more about the Exchange & give it a good go, I’m doing a bit of matched betting just now to build up a bankroll while I learn enough to start some trading & discovered your website & YouTube channel which I have been immersing myself in for about 2-3 weeks now. So today I downloaded Geeks Toy and my heart sank when I discovered it is Windows only & I have a MacBook!!!

    initially I thought about running windows on my mac but as I said I’m pleased to find a Mac trading option which seems to get your seal of approval so I’m going to give BetTrader a try as for my very limited knowledge & experience it seems to be just as good as Geeks Toy…..unless you can recommend any better alternatives for Mac?

    Finally thank you for all the information you have provided to help me get started, I may well return the compliment by buying some of your products should this continue.

  6. Surprised all the links just come right back here, I’d have been happy to use your affiliate code to register a new account on the exchange… intrigued by your YouTube content after coming across you over the past few days,wondering what will happen if the algorithm has just picked you up and there are thousands of new players giving your techniques a try this week ? Wonder how long it will take for my years-old sportsbook accounts to get blacklisted too 🙂

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Looks like they cancelled their affiliate scheme without saying! I’m sure it wont take long for the sportsbook account to get restricted haha.

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