Betdaq Liquidity Continues to Grow!

Last updated January 27th, 2017

Hey all, been a funny week this week… I’ve used Betfair at times although am starting to like Betdaq more and more!, with a bit more liquidity it will be good enough to make similar figures…. and some decent software… only other gripe would be response time for Betdaq’s API although I suppose everyone’s at the same disadvantage….. a screenshot from one I did today on Betdaq, using the basic version of Betangel obviously as theirs not Geeks Toy as yet… just shows it can’t be done!! I’ve seen on some the forums some of the bigger traders have been making some nice totals too!! 2.5% commission as well wooo!

Will be interesting to see how glorious Goodwood goes next week, hopefully the momentum continues and we see a near on total transformation to Betaq over the next few months!

2 thoughts on “Betdaq Liquidity Continues to Grow!

  1. “as theirs not Geeks Toy as yet… just shows it cant be done!!”, freudian slip there Chuck??!!
    The Geek does need to get a version up and running for the purple place sooner rather that later, there is an unofficial version floating around I understand. I’m not to sure how reliable it is though.

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