Betfair crashes again and Big Bucks….

Hey all, wasn’t planning on updating for some time but due to today i have some unexpected spare time…..

The usual stuff… Betunfair crashes on a staturday afternoon, once, twice, three times….. im not touching it again for the rest of the day anyway! I called the help desk half way through the henessy in a state of shock and panic having had a sizable stake in the market when it locked up on me and a load of unmatched bets close by…. the operator to her credit was nice considering i was pretty cheesed… anyhow i managed to get out with a fraction of my green so no great shakes, im just thankful it wasn’t a lot worse! Seriously though they need to do something about it, or at least refund all the premium charges on the day for the inconveinience!?! … if i know betfair that won’t be happening.

If you haven’t already tell them your not happy –

All that aside, today i thought was pretty smart, ive started my new job which seems to be a decent deal and now trading is purely evenings and weekends for a few extra quid today Big Bucks provided me with one the biggest wins ive had in a while, after the first crash i decided to stick to pre race trading only, a bit of a shame as inrunning is probably just as profitable for me right now!! not bad for a saturday afternoons work eh 😉


2 thoughts on “Betfair crashes again and Big Bucks….

  1. They’re an absolute joke to be honest. I cannot believe that after charging people these unfair charges, they haven’t used of what must be a substantial sum of money to improve their site and servers etc… to be able to cope with the traffic they get on a Saturday?

    Not good enough and I have started to look more towards trading Betdaq in the future… To be honest though, I aren’t sure that it will ever replace Betfair for liquidity etc??

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