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Does The Geeks Kindness Knows No Bounds?! Betdaq…..

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It’s that time of the year again! The geek has once again started a Charity Fundraiser via the geeks forums.

Hats off to the geek for being such a sincere genuine bloke, it amazes me how he finds time to hold down a job, family monitor the forums and still bang in charity fundraisers throughout the year! Not to mention him donating £2000 of his own cash recently in the infamous Blagger charity challenge. …..and yes you might not believe what your about to hear but on top of all that he is now going to be launching a BETDAQ version of AGT Pro…. how good is that? something ill be looking forward to as I cant trade without the toy, hopefully this will increase liquidity on the purple side and we can all stop paying so much Premium Charge! wooohoo!


What more could you possibly want ?! Not a lot I suppose! … you all may know of late I took a job and will continue to trade the markets as id be a fool not to, im starting to fire on all cylinders again although I don’t have as much time to document anything or update the blog anymore, its funny how when you don’t feel you’re doing so well you feel obliged to talk about it more. Trading is starting to become less of a feature in my day now and more of a thing I do for extra cash, being less excited and just getting on with it when you can seem to be helping me, which of course is going to have strong links to my mindset and attitude as I have discussed so many times throughout the blog!! Eggman posted this up on the geeks forum, it really does explain it well I feel:

I’ve since learned that if one can outlast the ravages of the war…one really does go “full circle”. I believe one eventually “runs out” of emotions and gets tired enough to “not care anymore”; but you just can’t stop now because you’ve come too far to quit. Eventually you’re too tired to fight; so you don’t..and that’s the “edge”; the “key”; the “holy grail”…your ’emotional input’ has stopped; an exhausted yet peaceful kind of “boredom” has begun to set in; you are no long “searching”; and you just begin to trade a methodology that has now become “comfortable” for you in a ‘mechanical’ fashion almost without thinking. Now you’re back at the beginning – trading without emotion, but more informed, better prepared, and a seasoned ‘veteran’. 


…. it really is a big proportion of the key for me I feel as its impossible in certain situations if 1. You don’t know what your edge is and 2. You cant cope with the stakes your playing. It’s that simple! no really… it is!

When I first started out this blog I felt as though I knew what I was doing although still felt a little lost, while it was a learning experience for me this year I hoped I could help some others on the way going through similar things, also I can sympathise with all those that are learning and just feel theirs not enough info out their… it’s a lonely old game. To that end I’m probably going to stop updating frequently, maybe the odd post but I thought I’d add a visual aide for the learners, it don’t give away a lot and isn’t the biggest winning race but should be an asset to those learning both Pre race and In Running, the latter is becoming a bit of a higher earner for me of late.

I’ve chosen this one from today as I think it shows some of the biggest factors its important to accept…. loosing, winning, reacting in your own best interests, optimism etc……

Enjoy and Take Care!!!!!
Oh and how could I forget – The recently released 1.2 Beta now has Dutching, Bookmaking, stop-loss, a multibet tool, support for Betfair video, and a new kick ass in play interface being released on Monday.
Probably the best Betfair Trading Software in the world!

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5 thoughts on “Does The Geeks Kindness Knows No Bounds?! Betdaq…..

  1. Aren’t you just wasting time in running? You made a couple of quid. Wouldn’t that time be better spent getting a feel for the next market and more than likely making more than a couple of notes.

  2. Hi anon, I don’t think so no, if I start too early I often I struggle to keep focus so in running keeps me out of trouble their and although that one only made a few extra quid throughout the day in running ill typically have a couple of decent gains that pump up the totals… in fact lately in running lately Im probably matching pr, this last week I upped ir stakes and the difference in profit has been quite alot.

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