Money Drop! At Last!

At Last The Penny Has Dropped!… (I think)5344152240_5a60015ce9_z

[Posted December 2011]

Hey guys! Just a quick update….

As I thought previously the other week, the penny has dropped!!?! (or so I think it has anyway!)

Could there have been another eureka moment? or maybe this is just the real one?! I don’t know?! It’s so hard to tell at times…

Its ‘just happened’ even more so than ever before… and it’s really not the time of year for it. I’m just struggling to lose so it would seem?!

That sounds terrible and awfully big-headed but it’s not how I feel about it, although from the results and how I’m feeling when I’m actually in the markets (not bothered) it’s all going crazy!!

Finally the fruits of my labour seem ripe to pick! I’m just trying not to get too excited about it just yet, although judged on these last 50 though im thinking I should be going for it full-time.

It’s quite difficult not to think like that when results are this good. I’m making more at home than at work if I carry on like this…

I didn’t even realise how well I was going till I went back through the last weeks results, some are from Saturday granted but look at that consistency Woooo Hooo!

Key To Trading Betfair?

So what’s the key? I’m not a 100% certain at the moment, although I can tell a big difference has been my overall attitude and mental approach in the markets.

It’s had quite a big difference on my behaviour. At times I’m not holding back now, which is good. But the added confidence from the consistent wins is also meaning I don’t feel quite so obliged to place bets when things aren’t looking too ‘great’.

I’ve had a look at the different types of situation a little more, purely to lower my losses, which could be helping things quite a bit. The biggest factor has to be how im feeling in the moment though.

Hopefully this continues, right now it seems a little too-good-to-be-true!

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4 thoughts on “Money Drop! At Last!

  1. Pride comes before a fall, don’t get too carried away with only 50 races , chuck. Only takes a small lapse in concentration, those 50 wins can be easily wiped out and it’s back to old habits.

    Not trying to be the voice of doom just saying there are plenty of false dawns in this game so it’s best to keep those emotions in check win or lose.

  2. Good work Caan ! 🙂 am pleased for you and glad you took the job. I myself just took a job that took about 3months to sort out and its a lifeline, as I had throttled my savings and my own discipline to near-zero through FT trading… i think the reason you’re getting nice results is because you’ve relieved the pressure of making trading pay, so you’re in a more natural comfort zone and hence, becoming more successful 😀 keep it up, discipline is always K.I.N.G. all the best & Keep It Green,…, RoN 🙂

    ps: am on a break from trading while I reorganize my life around my new job and settle some old debts but looking forward to getting back to it with a fresh mindset, new goals and less pressure as I will be trading PT.

  3. It’s always easier once the pressures off, either by have a decent bank or a job to pay the bills. Probably why O’Dire’s always moaning 🙂

    Today was a decent day hope you coined it in too Caan, now you hit your eureka moment.

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