Betfair Trading Software FREE Give-Away!

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Betfair Trading Software – FREE Geeks Toy Give-Away!

Betfair Trading Software

When I first started, Betfair trading software was pretty alien to me. In fact I seen it mentioned on a betting forum first, when someone was talking about betting in-play.

I’d guess what they were doing wasn’t much different to the back-to-lay strategy I use regularly, pity it took me until some time after to realise it was a decent edge.

After dabbling with a few I quickly realised Geeks Toy was the one for me. The main reason being; it’s the only Betfair trading software I could find that allowed me to customize the interface to how I wanted it.

Being visually appealing as well as being able to manage it around my desktop and info sources seemed pretty important at the time, and still is to some degree. Back then I didn’t have the luxury of two 21″ plus sized screens, a separate sky TV and laptop all at the ready. In fact, I only had a laptop.

Setting different profiles for different situations is something I still do now, for example; seeing the full market depth on the greyhounds or in-play is more important than pre-race horses.

Having just one set ladder configuration for them all isn’t ideal to my mind. Before the API changes, it was known for the fastest response times too (they’re all the same now).

Everyone has their own Betfair trading software preferences, but for me it’s always been the Geeks Toy. And as they say, if it’s not broke don’t fix it!

Betfair Trading Software Promotion

So with that in mind I’ve spoken to the Geek and he’s kindly agreed to a weeks promotion (20th May – 27th May 2016).

If you purchase the Pre-Race Trading Guide over the next week you’ll receive a 3 month subscription to A Geeks Toy Betfair trading software for nothing!

Free subscriptions are automatically generated and activated. So if you don’t have this particular Betfair trading software installed already, you’ll get free access instantly (this is why the geeks toy servers take your Betfair name on purchase).

If you’re an existing user of the Geeks Toy Betfair trading software then the additional 3 month subscription will be automatically credited to your ‘run out date’.

Claim your FREE Betfair trading software now!

If you’re having trouble finding your ‘Client ID’ then see this Video HERE

6 thoughts on “Betfair Trading Software FREE Give-Away!

  1. Hi can I still get this offer please as I’ve only just seen it online now due to being new to the world of sports trading!

    If so I will gladly buy your ebook 🙂

  2. hi ,
    how does this compare with tony hargreaves guide ,which i bought a while ago
    and found it lacking any real insights , just full of fluff and standard information you could get free
    infact his videos on there were free on his website anyway was very dissappointed with it .
    im looking for something a bit more original i can learn from ..been dabbling with trading a while ,not really making any money consistently ..
    cheers paul ..

  3. Hi Caan
    Am at the stage that you were once at in that i will be trading with just a laptop and at this time am reading all the forums regards trading and have to say that the above mentioned Tony Hargreaves aka the badger according to his videos is fine trader but he over sells and hype’s his products way to much in fact i told him so on his twitter site but he just blocked me after that saying don’t tell me how to run my bussiness. Just making as much money as possible like his daily tipping service he charges £40 a month saying if you lose then so do i. I said no you get £40 a month from all the mugs who chose to pay you. But not me. I have to say i find yourself a guy who really likes helping people start out on there trading journey.

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