Betfair Trading Strategies: Slow down, let yourself win!

Betfair Trading Strategies – Slow and steady wins the race….

Betfair Trading Strategies

Different Betfair trading strategies are always going to produce different results.

Big returns for some, where as others give huge consistency. Rarely do you get both in one strategy so it seems.

One of the most important factors, that is always one of the most neglected in my opinion too is your own behaviour! It’s almost a strategy in itself.

The Most Important Thing?

Regardless of what Betfair trading strategies you employ, you won’t get all that far if you’re not on-top of your own interaction with the market! A comparison to this might be a professional player and their personal situation.

If you was trading tennis over Wimbledon you may have seen Nick Kyrgious playing Richard Gasquet. Quite clearly he wasn’t on top of his game mentally, and so some rather irrational behaviour occurred. It was well covered in the media with accusations of him ‘tanking’. Regardless of his ability, he wasn’t on top of his own feelings.

This is exactly what I mean, but applied to your own trading.

Its hard to notice it and then criticise yourself over it when you haven’t got all the paper’s reporting on you as he may have had. But its something that everyone should be aware of, regardless of how effective your own personal Betfair trading strategies are.

A lot of people come into trading on Betfair from a gambling perspective, which can makes things harder in my view.

I mean all the bookies and sporting media do is make superstars of Joe Bloggs who got lucky on a 500/1 accumulator. Real success in betting comes from the complete opposite direction…. much like a ‘tortoise wins the race’ kind of angle.

To give any of your Betfair trading strategies a real chance, it’s best to slow riiigght down! and prepare for the longer term grind, don’s stop, keep going!

This week I’ve added a couple of clips to YouTube, evening racing is one of my favourite parts of the year. It’s a little frustrating as it overlaps into beer-garden-time, but personally its the most consistent market type for my Betfair trading strategies.

The markets behave differently, which can require a bit more patience too. But in general it always ‘feels’ like they trend that bit more, with less erratic pushing about of price action.

Some of the markets are less liquid, so it’s always best to make sure you check for delays. But on the whole, they are my favourite markets to trade. I’ll take small wins of twenty quid race after race over a big win followed by a big loss any-day!

But like I say, different Betfair trading strategies suit different individuals better. Not everyone has the patience to sit and let a trend develop, with money in the market it can become a little more scary… the only way to get around that fear, in my experience, is through practice.

Betfair Trading Strategies: Smooth Moving Races Clip 1

Here are the couple of clips I mentioned. They were released earlier this week, being quite patient and waiting is a bit of a dark art. In fact I’d say that’s even harder to master than actually finding reasons for a move in price in the markets.

As many have said before me, its possible to be correct and lose money. While being wrong and making money is quite possible too… but that’s half the fun.

Betfair Trading Strategies: Smooth Moving Races Clip 2

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Additional YouTube content can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Betfair Trading Strategies: Slow down, let yourself win!

  1. Hi Caan, your article couldn’t be timed more perfect. The reason being is as follows:

    I am relatively new to trading on betfair and despite being a reasonably well educated academic lawyer and businessman I too am prone to take a gamble. This actually happened to me last week where I had a few issues arise from the female social side of my life. In brief my life revolves around my two young sons who are with me most of the week including all holidays, but a very lovely woman wants me to give up a lot of time with my sons and spend it with her instead. Needless to say she knows I will never do this and since my divorce several years ago have never been interested in a demanding relationship. She is and always has been fully aware of this. However, I had built up my betting bank to in excess of £500.00 after three weeks but after receiving a large volume of texts and telephone calls last week I lost sight of my game and ended up losing all my betting bank with the exception of 22 pence!!! In view of which I clearly wasn’t on my game which ties in with your article. I have learn’t a lot from this experience and utilised the weekend to dig my back garden, take stock and reflect upon what went wrong.

    In view of the above I realise that I shouldn’t trade with money when outside factors influence my mental focus. These same factors resulted in me gambling instead of treating the same as I would in business but with a calculated risk. I should really have not attempted to trade on betfair in the belief that it would take my mind off of immediate matters. It certainly didn’t.

    So very good article Caan, and as I am writing this comment, I have just received another text from you know who!! Lol! Better attend to it now. Kind regards.

  2. I enjoy your blog and your videos. Can you show a few videos on trades which have gone bad. Ones where you have got out losing a little and a lot and talk about your mentality at the time. I tend to have a high rate of winning trades but my losing trades get out of hand and I lose more than I had planned due to either not putting in a stop loss or cancelling it for one reason or another in the ‘hope’ of the trade turning in my direction – which it doesn’t.

  3. I agree with what you say about the gambling perspective. I thought studying form was a good way to approach trading. I know now there’s a lot more to trading than that. This is a helpful article regarding mindset, cheers

  4. Far out! Right click IP SP is absolute frigging gold!! Been getting caught with races getting close to the jump and what to do, but that is perfection.

    Caan, if you check this, one question, will clicking “IP SP” hedge you up perfectly at the jump then if you’ve clicked the hedge button like you did in the first video or will it be a little out and you will need to hedge up again for perfect balance during the race?

    Cheers Luke

  5. Agree with different pace of weekday evening races to Saturday afternoon races.

    My dutching strategy worked wonders throughout the week, then on Saturday afternoons some 20.0+ outsider keeps charging through to win out of nowhere and destroying my profits. So annoying!

    During the week there seem to be a lot more 80.0+ complete outsiders which make dutching far more reliable and less frenetic.

    Thanks for the tennis tips too, I’m trying them out on some WTA matches today!

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