Excerpt From A Fellow Blogger…(Outsiders Insight)

Excerpt from a fellow blogger.. outsiders insight

Earlier in the week I came across this article.

Was nice to hear the praise for the site, but the part about the various challenges that float around from affiliates is a good point.

I thought I’d share it here as the author makes a good point – Many don’t even realise that’s why it’s done….

years ago before trading I would have been a victim too.

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Anyway, worth a read. I’ll be looking out for future articles. Refreshing to see others posting with genuine intentions!…

Why Bettors Lose Money

If there is one thing I can’t stand in sports betting it’s seeing punters throwing their money away.

There are loads and loads of websites and Facebook-pages that are run by people who only want people to subscribe to their tips or to get them to sign-up at bookmakers by ‘tipping’ accumulators, ‘fixed’ matches or just randomly picking winners.

You’ve probably seen the ‘accumulator of the day’ or the ‘£10 to £100 challenges’.

They all have one thing in common:

they want to make profit by tempting bettors to sign-up to something. They do not care if the bettor loses money, they only care about themselves. Sadly, a lot of punters, especially beginners, fall for such rip-offs.

My website aims to teach people how to be profitable at sports betting in the long run.

I want people to stop following bad tipsters and to start thinking for themselves.

Sports betting or trading isn’t easy, but if you know the basics of sports betting anyone can be successful. There is a lot to learn about betting and trading but I can give you one of the greatest tips right here and now:

learn what value is, implement a good staking system (bank roll management) and have the discipline to keep making value bets and having good bank roll management.

Isn’t there anything more to it?

Of course there is, but if you follow those three basic steps you have the potential to be profitable at betting or trading. If you miss only one of them then you won’t be profitable in the end. It’s as simple as that and I speak out of experience.

My Experience

I started sports betting in 2008 and made all the errors beginners make. I made countless accumulators, made bets on favorites purely because they were favorites and followed tipsters blindly.

A lot of money was lost that way before I started to learn how to be successful at sports betting. I read a lot and learned about value, bank roll management and discipline. I started doing intensive research instead of just betting impulsively. I taught myself to make my own odds before seeing what odds the bookmakers offer.

Did I instantly become profitable?

No, not at all.

Luckily trial and error will always be the best teacher. But I knew I was on the right path. I didn’t doubt my knowledge about football and gradually I learned to recognize value bets. I still made stupid mistakes like staking too much and chasing losses, but those mistakes only reinforced the fact that you need to make value bets, have good bank roll management and to keep yourself disciplined.

I won’t claim that I’m a betting or trading expert, but I do know that I am able to help people get profitable.

There are way too many punters out there who don’t know what they’re doing and as a result are losing their money to bookmakers and bad tipsters.

Caan Berry

For your best sports trading advice you are better of at caanberry.com. When I started learning about trading sports on Betfair I had no clue about what I was doing. I read a lot of different articles and watched hundreds of videos. But my real breakthrough came when I discovered Caan Berry’s site.

I am 100% certain that there is no better place to start being successful at sports trading than caanberry.com.

All his blog posts and videos are an absolute must if you want to learn about sports trading. He explains everything you need to know in a manner that even the newest of traders can understand it.

For me Caan Berry has been a great influence.

Not only did I learn all I know about sports trading from him, he also taught me the importance of self-discipline in sports betting and trading. If I have one wish it’s that my website will be for sports betting what caanberry.com is for sports trading.

My Blog

I do bet myself and just like Caan I trade sports at Betfair. In my case primarily football and horse racing. My Blog features a short sports betting 101 course, bookmaker reviews, sports betting advice and betting previews.

I don’t make any money on my website (although I do have some banners and affiliate links to bookmakers). I just enjoy writing articles and helping people with their sports betting and trading.

I enjoy seeing people getting better at betting and making profit.

The focus on my website is on football for now, but the plan is to include more major sports in the future.

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