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Beth Bet Software Review

As a newly released software product that has caught my attention fast, I’ve put this Beth.Bet review together for anyone who is interested in predictions and artificial intelligence…

Personally, I was sceptical at first. Although, after a week or so using it and recording the results (shared in the video below) it’s grown on me a lot. Take a look and see what you think for yourself!

Note: there’s a substantial discount coupon for readers at the end of the video if you would like to try the premium version yourself.

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How Does Beth.Bet Work?

Beth is an artificial intelligence prediction tool that takes many variables into consideration before indicating value selections to the end-user, enabling them to beat the bookmakers pricing.

But don’t take my word for it, see the video we produced about it on the YouTube channel below.

Is Beth Any Good?

You may have noticed my optimism in the video above already, I believe Beth.Bet has serious potential. I mean, the results talk for themselves, don’t they?

When the success of a product is built around maths and probability, and it works, it’s hard to see why anyone would dislike it. Except for the bookies of course. I can’t see them liking it much!

The only possible negatives for a user is as I explain in the video above; stake restriction. It’s a universal industry gripe, although far less likely to be a problem when using Beth on low stakes. However, you’re not just limited to using lower stakes with Beth as you could be using it from your mobile whilst in a bookmakers shop or race-course and they would be none the wiser. At a track or shop, they don’t have individual account data to fall back on either.

Furthermore, there’s a sizeable discount code shared within the video above. More on discounts in just a moment…

Features: What’s Included?

I like the relative simplicity of the Beth.Bet interface. It’s a new product, so I hope they don’t overload it with secondary features as time goes by.

The main feature of use is something you can’t see easily; Beths prediction model.

Like Google and Smart Phones, the thing that makes them so great cannot be seen easily – artificial intelligence.

However, there are multiple features available within Beth.Bet. Some of which, the average user may not have thought to utilise initially. To me, aside from betting predictions, the ability to filter and refine previous results with different bookies, price ranges and dates is extremely important. For example, it doesn’t take long with these filtering features to find which operators present the most value (and at which time of day).

Historical Results Filtering:

For example, you could just filter out results from Bet 365…

Personal Reporting and Results:

I’ve said it a million times before but, if you don’t know where you are – how can you improve?

See the ‘only saved predictions’ function in action below. This filters out all of your results (all bookies) giving you a clearer picture of historical results.

It’s important to look back through and reflect on results. Did you miss a suggestion? Was the price range too broad? Did larger prices give the most effective returns?

I found that the more selections you place and save the more predictable results become. It makes perfect sense when you think about it, probability has to play out over the long-term when you are routinely taking a value price.

Multiple Bookmakers Data…

For the video example up top, I used Bet 365. However, you can manipulate the previous results by the bookmaker and refine future results easily. Another worthwhile feature.

I asked the guys at Beth about this and they said there are more bookies on route. Possibly more sports in the future too!

Some might find it an eye-opener with the ability to filter and sort part results also shows various bookmaker vulnerabilities.

Fast Results & Weather:

Beth links all the information up for you in the Workspace and Stats tabs although there is another that shares live information and results. You get a little more than the average racecard too with the weather, wind speed, rain precipitation and temperature.

As you can see below, there are a lot of metrics fed into the Beth.Bet prediction system.

beth bet results

Settings Filters (Min/Max Odds & Thresholds)

Again, the power is in the data. As displayed in the video review above, you can alter the selection criteria that is displayed by the Beth system.

Setting these filters above odds of 4.0 or 5.0 is ideal as this is where the value is often found in betting markets!

You can lower the variance of results by selecting shorter odds, although the profit threshold is likely to be lower too as there’s not so much juice in the bookie’s prices. Maybe if you’re unsure or don’t understand why, start a little lower and work up.

How Much Does a Beth.Bet Subscription Cost?

Looking at the results I’ve had over a considerable period of time, I think the basic and pro subscription costs are justified. There are three plans in total; Beth Free, Basic and Pro.

A Beth Basic subscription is £39.99 per month and entitles you to the following features:

  • 30 unique recommendations per day
  • Bookmakers filter
  • Start/Pause button
  • Min/Max odds filter
  • Recommendation Interval

A Beth PRO subscription is £99.99 per month and entitles you to the following features:

  • Unlimited unique recommendations per day
  • Time Till Race Index
  • Avg Coef Falling Index
  • Horse on the race filter
  • Bets on the horse filter
  • Min/Max odds filter
  • Bookmaker filter

Placing more than 20 selections per day is recommended in order to get optimum results as variance needs to play out. Bearing the cost in mind, I would recommend the Pro version over the Basic if you are going to try it out. The Beth Free plan gives you access to the system and 1 weeks free trial for Beth Basic, ideal if you want to check it’s the real deal first.

Beth Bet Coupon Code (50% Discount)

So the guys at have made a discount code available for those who watched the video at the top of this post in full.

You can get a whopping 50% discount when you input the code shared in the video. They haven’t stipulated an end date for the discount so if you want to try Beth out I’d suggest making the most of it fast. The coupon code is unlikely to be around forever.

Verdict: My Beth.Bet Review

Initially, when I first came across this product I thought ‘oh another affiliate tipster style product’. However, this is not the case!

The selections made by Beth really are available at the prices suggested, providing you action them relatively quick. The prediction model is beating Sportsbook odds overall and so the results are profitable. It’s as simple as that. If you use the audio alerts and pop-ups on your phone there’s no need to miss any of them either (that’s what I did when testing).

The only criticisms I have are industry-wide and beyond the creators of Beth.Bet, as I have previously mentioned. Plus, it’s not the end of the world as punters routinely find way to open new accounts.

I found the best time for placing bets on the selections provided was usually around 8 am to 10.30 am. On the days I made a limited number of selections (like 5 or 10) the results were less appealing, although this is with good reason as there needs to be a large enough sample for the predictions to play out in your favour. It’s just the same with all successful betting. You can increase stakes fast so long as you have the bankroll, a jump between £1 and £10 stakes drastically changes the end result without raising alarm at most Sportsbooks.

It’s rare for me to say but I’m happy to recommend this product to a wider audience and give it a high rating. I hope to see it succeed in the future as it is undoubtedly superior to the usual smoke and mirrors within the industry. By all means, give Beth.Bet a go and take advantage of the half-price discount.

Update 2022:

As of 1st February, Beth Bet has, unfortunately, ceased to trade. They are in the process of refunding all open subscriptions to their customers. Beth Bet investors decided that the project was no longer worthwhile from a financial perspective. It’s sad to see it go as this was an extremely useful tool that consistently identified value in the sportsbook markets. Hopefully we’ll see them back in the future!

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6 thoughts on “Beth.Bet Review: Is it Any Good? | Artificial Intelligence

  1. I have tried the basic package for a few days and it does seem to be working. My biggest concern is the fact the winnings can not be adjusted therefore it is consistently suggesting you have won more as it ignores Rule 4’s in races when they occur meaning the whole results are sadly skewed

  2. Hi Caan,
    Is there a limit to how many bets a day you should place, like 20 is the minimum is there a max or is it a case as place as many as you can. Also did you restrict to how many horses you are backing in a race as picking 5 in a race seems a little strange.

    On the site no guidance to staking. Would you recommend a staking system. Maybe 200 point bank?



  3. This product was good during the summer before the bookies got wind of it , but now ( october ) i suggest it has lost its edge or just does not work with the jumping races. I have tried this for 5 months and october has been a big loosing month with many loosing days including plenty where there where no winners at all ( im using a basic subscription )

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