BetMGM Review: Unveiling the Dark Side of Sports Betting

BetMGM has made a significant impact on the UK sports betting scene over the last six months. They are the one of the biggest new bookmakers to launch in the UK for quite a long time. Already having a big brand in the United States, BetMGM are looking to get a significant hold in the gambling market here in the UK.

They have made themselves quite a presence so far, from sponsoring prestigious races at Cheltenham to conspicuous pop-ups on the Racing Post. However, a deeper dive into their operations reveals a series of practices that might leave bettors questioning the integrity of this betting powerhouse.

In today’s we take a deep dive into how BetMGM have been operating so far:

BetMGM Free Bets and Promotions

At first glance, BetMGM’s marketing strategy is extremely clever.

Leveraging the influence of celebrities (Chris Rock and Jamie Fox) and the allure of free bets on sign up. They have managed to draw in a large audience of eager bettors very quickly. Social media platforms are inundated with ads promising lucrative offers and the chance to win big. Yet, the reality behind these enticing offers is starkly different.

Currently BetMGM offer one of the best sign bonuses available. Bet £10 and get £40 in free bets.

However, there have been multiple reports of BetMGM refusing to pay out customers. Who take advantage of free bet promotions and win. Using tactics to delay payments such as requesting additional documentation, after customers have already deposited and placed bets.

Imagine the shock of winning £700, only to have your account suspended and placed under review!

This scenario is not uncommon, as a myriad of complaints on social media testify to BetMGM’s habit of using document checks to delay or outright deny withdrawals. Instances of punters being allowed to deposit thousands without question, only to face account suspension upon winning, are disturbingly frequent.

The Cheltenham Controversy – More Than Just Horse Racing

BetMGM’s partnership with the official Jockey Club and their sponsorship of major races, such as the Country Hurdle at Cheltenham. Initially was seen as a big boost for the sport.

However, on closer examination, it reveals a troubling strategy…

In the lead-up to Cheltenham BetMGM increased their sign-up offer. Alongside increasing their advertisements and visibility across sports betting sites.

Clearly viewing the festival as a way to stamp their presence in the UK market and gain some market share. However, on the first day of Cheltenham, the sports betting side of the website wasn’t working at all due to the increased traffic.

What became clear by the landing pages of BetMGM which cleverly incorporate Las Vegas-style branding. Alongside their treatment of any one that dared to win bets and withdraw their money. Was that horse racing was merely a guise to attract casino customers.

BetMGM Sports And Markets

When it comes to the sports and markets that are offered by BetMGM. There are all of the major sports that you would expect with any bookmaker.

  • Football (Soccer)
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Darts

In terms of markets and sports that may be unique to BetMGM. They have a vast array of prop markets on American sports such NFL, Baseball and Basketball, which you may not find with other bookmakers.

Stake limits on these markets however are not very big. For example, when I tried to play a £75 at odds of 1.8, the bet was rejected and a lower stake of £51.81 was offered. From experience, I also found that if you could find value in these markets and showed an intention of profiting long-term. These stakes would be cut further, basically making these markets worthless for sports bettors that are looking to find an edge.

BetMGM Odds Comparison

Let’s take a look at how BetMGM compare when it comes to offering competitive odds on a popular market.

In tonight’s game between Brighton and Chelsea BetMGM are offering fairly competitive odds. Pricing Chelsea at 2.02, Brighton at 3.5 and the draw at 4.1. In this market they match Betfair for the top odds on Brighton and are offering slightly better draw odds.

Chelsea 2.02 = 49.5% (implied probability)

Draw 4.1 = 24.4% (implied probability)

Brighton 3.5 = 28.6% (Implied probability)

BetMGM total margin on this market = 49.5 + 24.4 + 28.6 = 102.5% (BetMGM operate on a 2.5% margin)

BetMGM offer better odds then most of their competitors on large match odds markets, however, overall you would still be better using the betting exchanges the majority of the time. Especially when you consider the amount of complaints regarding customers not getting withdrawals paid out from the company.

The other area that BetMGM may be useful for is early morning horse racing bets when liquidity is low on the exchanges. However from my own experience and that of many customers comments on social media. Is that you can expect to be limited very quickly if you are betting with a smart approach and intention to win money long term.

Experience of a respected voice here.

Operational Failures and Misleading Practices

Despite hefty investments in marketing, BetMGM’s operational efficiency and customer service leave much to be desired. Frequent site outages and a focus on steering bettors towards highly addictive casino games highlight a concerning disregard for the customer experience.

Even more worrying is their approach to customer winnings and free bet promotions. Bettors winning accounts are quickly restricted or subjected to unnecessary verification procedures, making it nearly impossible to access promised free bets. This tactic not only frustrates savvy punters but also alienates those simply looking for a fair betting experience.

BetMGM Conclusion

In this BetMGM review we have highlighted a web of enticing promotions, operational inefficiencies, and questionable ethical practices employed. While the allure of big wins and celebrity endorsements will no doubt attract many to their platform. The reality of how BetMGM operates should give potential customers pause.

The sports betting community deserves a bookmaker which acts with transparency, fairness, and respect. Qualities which seem to lack in majority of modern day bookmakers, with BetMGM exemplifying the current trend. Bettors are urged to approach BetMGM with caution and to stay informed about their rights and options in the ever-evolving landscape of sports betting.

Whilst on the surface BetMGM can seem like a good option for your sports betting needs. Once you dig a bit deeper, there current product is very poor and there are much better options available!

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