Hey everyone, it’s been a mental week for me—truly a rollercoaster. After a solid week or so, I’ve recently experienced some hectic times. The markets are beginning to feel empty to me now, and I’m not enjoying it, to be honest. Maybe that will change over time, should I find a new edge to combat this feeling. It’s highlighted to me how, during the summer and the peak of the flat season, I’m quite capable of making good money. However, I need to adapt a lot more and find my feet in other situations.

So, the bomber, eh? As many refer to him, if you trade horses a lot, you’ll already know who I’m talking about. The mystical punter with far too much cash to gamble away on Betfair has made a guest appearance lately. I’m finding it increasingly tricky to deal with his tactics, as they change so often, and when they do, it can either make or break it for you. I think I’m probably about even with him overall, mainly due to going in with nearly my whole bank earlier in the week, just for him to withdraw his money and leave me up a creek without a paddle… fun times! Lol.

Anyway, all in all, I’m finding it comes back to the same things again and again. Having been recording my results and noting my biggest or total losses each day, there’s an obvious pattern occurring: a big loss, usually followed by a few small ones, leads me down the garden path to disaster. Here’s what I mean—for the period of October 10th to October 16th, my total profit was £418.82 after accounting for losses, which amounted to £304.61. For the period of October 17th to October 23rd, my total profit was only £120.33, but my total losses were £632.28. This just says it all, really. Among that, there was a loss of £140, £93, and £52, which all started an inevitable losing spell. I think this is what needs work, if anything. Unlike finding a new edge, it’s something I can change right now if I’m careful. It’s worth noting, though, that the £93 loss was due to the bomber taking his money out and leaving me high and dry!

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  1. Hi caan following you with interest if you don’t mind me asking did you suffer big losses when you first started trading.

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