Drinks, Ascot & Frankel

First off, thanks to all the wise and sensible comments on my last post. I’ve decided to take the position although its something i don’t really want to do deep down… although its probably a good thing given my current circumstances even if it turns out to be just for the winter. All in all its not a bad deal as far as jobs go anyway i know most my age would be happy with it and i can still trade evenings and weekends as someone said previously. Thanks again!


Friday started the ball rolling for the weekend this week with cheltenham and i was thoroughly looking forward to it till i spilt near on a pint and half ove the keyboard at 2pm….. what a great start, now ive got a few keys that constantly stick and dont always depress so appologies if certain letters are missing and i havent noticed…. wouldn’t be the first time ive done this although hopefully it’ll be the last. From here on its bottles only!


Well, what can i say?! i wasn’t prepared for this at all!! i need to start taking note of when the massive events like this are and the implications it has on the markets. Reason being although i expected the liquidity to be above average i didn’t expect it to be on the scale it was, coming into these things knowing how its likely to be can be an advantage in itself, the first couple of ascot races i could of been hitting it harder than i was for sure. That said it was a nice warm up for the big one where the one and only was to strut his stuff……


Firstly what an amazing performance, it did cross my mind to leave my profit on it but at them odds was just rediculous so no matter what the outcome was no point in doing it… as everyone expected though he had the goods. Trading Frankel appealed to me just because the sheer volume of money on it, even the big boys would be taking some risks trying to influence its price in any way. Well that was my thinking, it was noticable at points their were other playing on frankel with far bigger stakes than me… no need to guess really who…. i did enjoy trading frankel as it was a bit like cheltenham as i remember it at times although uterly frustrating that i didnt have a bigger bank at points i was shouting at the screen come on come on just to i could get some more cash back in on the other side, all in all not a bad result… about a half of my daily turnover for a usual day on that one race alone!

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