Old Territory New Angle

Been a bit of a mixed week lately and ive been doing a lot of thinking…..

I’ve been trading for a while now and I feel like im definitely not trading in the dark anymore, my understanding of the markets has only really started to blossom a bit just lately. I know how I can make money in the summer for sure although it’s not going to work all year round and I need to be a bit more versatile and adapt to survive as mr Wilson would say… having spoken to some other too lately a couple of things hit me square in the face, christ knows why its took so long to think about this angle more seriously…. let me try to explain what im getting at….
When i very first discovered trading with the geeks toy i did a challenge on the forum where I got a lot of good feedback along with some abuse, at that point in time when I think about it I was probably onto something quite good although I really didn’t have a clue, through various problems mainly going in-play etc i managed to go off course and pursue other parts of the markets. The thing is then I was applying myself in such a manner I would enter the market within certain time periods and around a certain price range and stick to it, although it was only £5 stakes it worked but due to the price and getting caught overtaking and going in-play it really hurt when I cocked it up but it was a good approach, but I probably didn’t see that as i was to busy worrying what everyone else was doing… and so for a long time now I’ve left that part of the market alone and been playing without many rules at all just going with what I think (maybe this is why I struggle so much mentally?). Anyway im trying not to ramble here so ill keep it short, basically after a bit of thinking and talking to others ive decided to go back and try to trade how I was before obviously with more than £5 but with a better understanding too I think it could be a good direction to go in, over the last couple of days it definitely seems a lot more stable P/L wise even though the totals are not as big as they could be in some cases, suppose if all else fails it will be another string to my bow!

Below is a shot of my individual race by race P/L over a month, it really highlights what i was saying in an earlier post, without all those big balls ups I would have been £100’s better off!

So for a better month next time round ill probably be decreasing the amount I make each race but the aim is to make my P/L really stable with very little losses applying myself in the manner I spoke of previously! if nothing else it will be better my mindset and I may resume a new high of confidence…… as someone once said to me before ‘get your kicks spending the money chuck, not making it’ – oh how wise those words are…

So here’s a fresh little mini-challenge. From now untill this time next week (Wed 2nd) im going to see if i can go a whole week not incurring any more than £100 in losses! … ill update then! wish me luck!!

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