"Mini challenge"

Well, just a quick update, been really busy of late and am a little late to put this up, as i mentioned previously i had a little mini challenge for myself this week to try and go 7 days with only £100 in settled losses, i started on wednesday last week and managed to last all the way to friday lol. Absolute failure there then, struggling a little of late with the lower liquidity, hopefully tomorrow will bring in some coin!

2 thoughts on “"Mini challenge"

  1. Sometimes you have to accept losses as part of the game no matter how big they are. None of us play the same strategy or take the same risks , as long as the end result is a profit is all that really counts.

    My total losses for the last week nearly hit £3K but the winnings more than covered them. It can be hard to accept losses at the start but sometimes there’s no avoiding the fact that they’ll be losses so unless they’re from chasing or unnecessary risks you just have to take them on the chin

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