Casino Offers Strategy: How To Profit Using Advantage Gambling

If you have ever had the idea of profiting from a casino game. Then it is likely somebody will have brought you back to earth with this saying…

“the house always wins”

There is some truth in it, casino games are designed with the sole purpose of taking money from those that play them. The mathematics behind casino games give the casino an edge, an edge that makes them huge profits over the long term.

However, did you also know that a team of students from the MIT university in America made millions playing blackjack? There are still professional blackjack card counters that make a living gambling today. Betting at a positive expected value is when you flip the odds in your own favour.

So in truth the house doesn’t always win!

In today’s guide, we are going to explain how you can profit from casino offers, where you can find the best opportunities and how you can make a long-term profit with this casino offers strategy.

How Casino Games Work: Logical Context

First off let’s go over how casino games work. All casino games are based on mathematics, the idea behind the game is that although customers should get to experience winning. The casino will profit in long term due to the mathematical edge that they hold.

Casino games have a rating know as the return to player rate.

Below we have listed the rates of various casino games:

  • Blackjack – 95% – 99.5% (Depending on strategy of player and rules)
  • Roulette – 97.3%
  • Slots – 80% – 98% (Varies depending on the game)
  • Baccarat – 98.95%

RTP (Return To Player) rate is an easy way to calculate how much a player is expected to lose playing a casino game. For example, if you were to go into a casino playing perfect blackjack strategy (99.5% RTP) for every £100 you staked a small loss of only £0.50 would be made.

If however if you played a slot with a 90% RTP, then your expected loss for every £100 wagered would be £10. This is because not all casino games are equal. Some will lose you less money then others.

Maybe you are wondering how do people make a professional living from gambling on casino games, if the odds are always stacked in the casino’s favour?

This leads us to a term known as advantage gambling…

Advantage Gambling in Casino Strategy:

Advantage gambling is a term coined for when we can flip the mathematical advantage from the casino over to us as a player. There are situations where we can play casino games with an RTP (Return To Player) rate of over 100%. When this happens we are no longer expected to lose money in the long term. Our expectation is that a profit will be made.

Here are a few scenarios where the RTP can be pushed above 100%:

  • Blackjack Card Counting – 101.5% RTP
  • Casino Cashback Offers On Slots – 105% RTP
  • Casino 30% Deposit Bonus – 108.5% RTP
  • Casino Sign-Up Bonus – 200% RTP

In this guide, we will ignore card counting as this is a complex strategy that is usually used in a live casino setting. What we will focus on is profiting from casino cashback offers and bonus offers. They are available on a daily basis and are very profitable to do in the long run.

Example of Casino Advantage Strategy:

Let’s review a simple casino cashback offer with great RTP.

Pokerstars casino is offering new players cashback of £25. To get this cashback you simply have to sign up to Pokerstars casino through topcashback, deposit £30 and wager that amount once.

To take advantage of this offer, we need to look at the highest RTP game available for us as a player.

Fortunately for us, Pokerstars have blackjack as an option to play. Now if you remember from earlier, blackjack has a very high return-to-player rate when played with perfect strategy.

Playing perfect blackjack strategy is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, there is a website with a very easy guide which shows you how to play every hand and get the RTP to 99.5%. The guide has a colour-coded sheet to show you exactly what to do in every situation – here’s the guide on wizard of odds.

Breakdown Of Pokerstars Casino Offer

  1. Sign Up To Pokerstars via this cashback link to get £25
  2. Wager £30 playing perfect blackjack strategy = expected to lose £0.15 long term at 99.5 rtp.
  3. Get £25 cashback credited

The mathematics of this offer:

£25 (cashback) – £0.15 (Expected Loss Playing Blackjack) = £24.85 (Expected Profit)

This is an example of when given the right offer, you can turn the advantage from the casino to yourself. Using a very simple cashback offer we can expect to make close to £25 profit with about 10 minutes of work!

When it comes to advantage gambling you should not expect to win every single offer. However, over the long term, you will make a profit if you continually play casino games where the RTP is above 100%.

How Much Can You Make From Advantage Gambling?

Unlike matched betting where people will usually make roughly around the same profit from each offer. When it comes to casino offers and advantage gambling there is much more variance (luck).

For example in the offer, we broke down above. One person may choose to wager £10 on 3 hands of blackjack and win every single hand. Showing a profit of £30 plus the £25 cashback for a total profit of £55. Another may wager £5 a time on six hands of blackjack and breakeven. Making a total profit of only £25.

One unlucky player may lose every single hand of blackjack and come away with a loss of -£5 after the £25 cashback has been awarded.

What is important to remember is that over the long term variance (luck) evens out. 

To highlight this, I have added my graph of over 7000 casino offers that I have completed over a number of years. All of these offers were done when the RTP was well above 100%. This is also known as a plus EV (Expected Value) casino offer. All of the offers completed were plus EV.

This graph helps to highlight that although in the short term you can lose when doing these offers. (As you can see from the dips in the graph). Over the long term, a very healthy profit of £36,764 has been made.

So how much can you make from doing these plus EV casino offers?

It depends on how many offers you have access to, the time you spend on them and your starting bankroll.

There are many factors to consider. You can potentially make thousands (millions for the rare few) in profit from using this strategy. The main factor to consider is to never stake more than you are comfortable losing and setup some form of bankroll management.

Best Service For Casino Offers Strategy?

Alright so where is the best place to find plus EV casino offers that you can take advantage of?

The site that I have used for several years and believe to be the best source of finding plus EV casino offers is OddsMonkey. They highlight all the best casino sign-up offers and reload offers, giving you direct instructions on how to profit from the offer.

  • Expected Time To Complete The Offer
  • Recommend Stake
  • Highest RTP Game To Play
  • Expected Value Of The Offer
  • Any Terms And Conditions You Should Be Aware Of

The service saves you hours and hours of time.

You don’t need to work out the optimal way to exploit an offer, it is there for you instantly. New and existing plus EV offers are highlighted, meaning you don’t need to search through sites and look at terms and conditions to make sure it is profitable.

Overall if you are looking to make serious money from exploiting casino offers. Oddsmonkey is the best service currently available online to enable you to do so. For anyone new to the world of advantage gambling they have in-depth guides on all aspects of exploiting casino offers for profit.

The service also offers additional software for matched betting, arbitrage betting and beating the closing line. You can read our in-depth review here.

Ultimately the casino offers strategy detailed in this guide is a great way to make an additional tax-free income.

If you put some time into understanding how it works, exploiting casino offers can be a very lucrative side hustle.

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2 thoughts on “Casino Offers Strategy: How To Profit Using Advantage Gambling

  1. Gold Coast Casino Australia. I was on my way home back to Melbourne. Booked into a motel for the night. Decided to go to the casino and fill in an hour or two. Played a bit of two up, had a few beers and wandered around. Figured I would throw 5 bucks on triple 4 at the sik bo dice table. Up it came! True odds are 216 to 1, however casino only pays 180 to 1. Anyway took my win and went and cashed up the chips. On the way out I wandered past the table and watched triple 4 come up two more times. Walked out with a grin on my chops 🙂 Only time I ever won at a casino and have never been back! Truth, THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS.

  2. baccarat is the exception because you play either the banker or the player so there is no house edge agaisnt you
    I make a good profit daily by watching patterns and playing at the right time
    Simple really
    £40 anhour on £2 bets easy

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