A Catch to Win the Match?

cricket betting guide

It’s a well-known phrase in cricket; “a catch can win the match.”

And whilst that may be true, you’ll need a lot more to succeed in the cricket market’s on Betfair (or anywhere else). Trading cricket isn’t quite like other sports…

This where a new announcement comes in!

Specialist Cricket Help:

To accompany our existing educational offerings, we now have a Cricket Trading Guide written by an extremely successful trader of 12 years.

If you’re interested in learning about the cricket markets, how they function, motivating factors behind the movement and where you can find an edge, check it out!

Cricket Trading Guide for Betfair

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There’s never been a better time to get involved with betting volumes increasing over the last few years. Growth markets are typically valuable markets.

Still to Come This Year…

  • IPL – 29 March 2020 – 24 May 2020.
  • BBL – Final on 8 February 2020, although there is much suspicion around the weather conditions. Will it get called off?Mr. X seems to think it’s a possibility…

  • T20 – 18 October 2020 – 15 November 2020.

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