Consistency is King… Prepare for Cheltenham


Only 4 days until the festival! Are you ready for it?

Finally it’s nearly here! Each year I get excited for the festival even though I know I shouldn’t be so much, the atmosphere is great.. I really should go one year instead of just picking off the numbers in the market.

So it may seem a bit of a strange question – but really, it’s not. Have you or are you preparing? What I mean is, using bigger stakes and experiencing different markets can sometimes come as a bit of a challenge. Not so much because trading Cheltenham is difficult, it’s really not. But adapting to using far larger stakes than normal and experiencing high volumes around your orders can seem a little daunting at times. In previous years I’ve found this anyway. Because as quick as you can make money at Cheltenham you can lose it! If you’re only usually used to £200 stakes then using £1000 or £2000 at a time can really play with your head… greed can creep in really fast.

Because of this very reason I’ve made an effort this week to not over-cook things, in fact there have been some missed opportunities because of it but I actually feel better for my application in the markets. You see I’ve been trading as normal except without taking any unnecessary risk at all. For that reason there are less 3 figure results on a race alone but consistency is on the up, and going into Cheltenham its really important to be in a good place with your trading on a mental level. Keeping consistent in the markets for the last week or so, in my opinion sets me in a better position to take on the Festival. Today I had to pick up my son quite early for the weekend – which is also convenient as I rarely have a Saturday off, a couple of days off before the big one will make sure I’m fresh. I only had a couple of hours to kill before I went to get him but results were ‘steady away’. So that’s the prep complete as far as im concerned – obviously excluding looking through the various cards in the mornings each day.


If you haven’t seen it already there is a useful clip on YouTube I put up some time back to encourage consistency. It’s a little exercise I do myself when I feel I’m not quite centred (usually when something external has pissed me off). Keeping a calm focused outlook will pay off over next week almost every time. The other big mistake people so often make is over-staking when they aren’t certain (usually because they don’t have much of an edge/understanding). Keeping things level with level stakes is also far more likely to produce consistent returns race after race like the above.

I’ll update again some time next week! Good luck!

Confidence Builder 1& 2 are the mentioned clips above on – YouTube

One thought on “Consistency is King… Prepare for Cheltenham

  1. Think I’ve been doing this far too long as Cheltenham just bores me now. People put too much emphasis on it as if it’s the be all and end all of their year, I’d imagine few will really cash in today and if anything the majority will lose more just cos the markets behave differently with the masses of cash no flickering back.

    Make the most of that enthusiasm Caan cos once you’re paying most of your earninngs to Betfair it wanes very quickly.

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