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Dawid Trading

Here’s an insight from Dawid, one of our more colourful trading community members (picture says it all). 

Check out this rather shrewd university student’s story below:

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How My Journey Started…

Hey everyone! I’m Dawid and I am about to graduate from my BSc course at university.

First time I came across trading was somewhere around 2014. It wasn’t shortly after I had my lucky streak at handball betting. I was looking for different branches of betting to “invest” my winnings. I don’t remember how exactly I heard of it for the first time, but it must have been via YouTube or some betting forum. The spell didn’t last long though and I went back to sports betting.

As the time went on I learned more about financial markets and tried CFD trading. I had some initial fun with DAX, yet I quickly realised that it will take years to get consistent there. Last autumn I wondered if I could  have another go at sports trading and apply all the technical knowledge I gained so far. I watched few videos, bought the video pack course and here I am.

My Trading Skills:

At the beginning I did not have any idea how horse racing worked (it’s still limited now). Races appealed to me because they offer consistency. It seemed like with so many races going off daily it must have been difficult to end the day losing money due to variance in results.

There were few Eureka moments on my way. I think that the most important one was finding my edge. I prefer swing trading way more that scalping, it just seems more chilled and less stressful. It must be due to the fact that I started trading with real money in January.

Luckily enough I have never blown my bank; not even once! I just don’t go in-play and don’t find it difficult to cut my loses. However, I do get a bit impulsive with chasing my entry and engaging in the wrong markets. I was not trying to eradicate those habits immediately. Having traded as little as 800 markets I simply wanted to experience all there is to experience. I wanted to make my mistakes today rather than tomorrow!

I have a good understanding of the forces driving the price, which helps me break-even at the end of the week. My biggest flaw as of now is the market selection. I tend engage in markets that I should watch from a sideline. I think that it is what stop progression, but it’s good that I can see it.

Next Targets!

Over the next few month I have to prioritise school over my trading. By the time I finish my degree I want to build a solid understanding of when to trade and when to watch.

I have strong reasons to believe that sports trading can really work form me. That’s why I have decided to take a gap year. I want to become full-time over the next year!


From us…

Bit thanks to Dawid for taking a few moments to introduce himself and provide a little insight to those who engage on the community, be sure to drop him a note and say hello. Also a double thumbs up for the most amusing forum avatar, it’s good to see a little personality!

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4 thoughts on “Dawid’s Trading Story… | Forum Member

  1. Hi Dawids, great read, and good luck on your degree, look forward to reading about your success in the trading world, and sharing any info that may help you on your journey 😉

    1. Good to hear more about the forum members! Adds a little depth to who you’re talking to. Cheers for the previous contribution too Nev!

  2. I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals.
    I certainly liked reading everything that is written.
    I enjoyed it! Thank you.

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