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Ever wondered who beat you to market when you reacted to live streaming?

It’s happened to us all, many times. But who beat you? and why?

Here’s a quick blog to give you the low-down on what’s happening, why and how it’s likely to change in the future…

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If you’re betting on the tennis there’s a good chance you’re more aware than most, the delays can be terrible. In some cases, a player’s odds have changed seconds before they even toss the ball in the air to serve. More on that in this court-siders article.

Why Does Live Streaming Matter?

If the penny hasn’t dropped yet, it matters – a lot.

When you think about it, it’s simple. If you’re betting or trading on the exchanges, speed is paramount. Making decisions upon old data is difficult, especially if you’re looking to profit over the short term.

Finding an advantage is one thing, but being quick off the mark is next.

live stream phone

Just imagine if you could catch that live stream a couple of seconds ahead of everyone else…

I’m sure some do, but if you’re not willing to start intercepting satellite feeds and spending thousands of pounds on equipment, it’s not a choice.

On things for sure though; live streaming delays matter.

What’s the Fastest Live Stream?

It’s a question that’s often asked. It come up on the community forum recently, prompting this post.

Regrettably, it’s not so easy to answer. The different feeds, providers and delays do change from time to time.

In the past (before I started trading) I’m led to believe there was a massive delay between SIS TV and everything else. A couple of ‘fast streaming’ style shops even popped up. People would go and pay a premium for a seat, just to bet a few seconds ahead of the rest of the world. When the delay disappeared, there were a lot of sad faces as you can imagine.

Now, the general delays are a lot tighter. To be expected with advances in technology right? More on that in a moment.

Typically you’ll manage to get the quickest stream you can with Bet365 and Betfair live video. To view, you’ll need to bet a few quid.

Depending on the sport you’re watching, the provider you’re using and if it’s online or via satellite will change the rest. For example, when Amazon streamed the US Open last year there were some truly huge delays.

Loosely ranked in order of speed:

  • Betfair live video
  • Sky (RUK before ATR for horses)
  • Online streaming
  • Virgin

We’ve added a YouTube video explaining the pro’s and con’s of certain streaming here.

Will Delays Disappear as Technology Speeds Up?

It’s a good question, brought up by the Guardian Sport amongst the racetrack drones controversy.

Why are there such delays?

Broadcasting live is a complex business, so there are probably more reasons than I am even aware of. However, I don’t think it’s likely that the delays will disappear anytime soon. Purely because those at the top won’t allow it (racecourses at least).

live streaming drone

To put this into context; if the racecourses allowed live streaming to be truly ‘live’ then it’s unlikely they would sell the premium boxes overlooking the finish line so easy. Much like the ‘live streaming shops’ of the past, the advantage would be eroded and one of their revenue streams reduced.

You might think this is a little far fetched, but it’s the same reason they get upset about course attendee’s using FaceTime or drones flying overhead!

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12 thoughts on “Fastest Feeds & Information (Live Streaming)

  1. I’m a fibre telecoms engineer . The worst time delay is with Virgin as they piggy back off sky so typically you are looking at a 5 second delay. Sky itself is a good 3 seconds behind the live event. It is a common misconception that sis are truly live, they’re not, even the big screen at the track is half a second behind. The problem lies with the networks . If TV companies are sending signals via satellite the signal still has to bounce off various pieces of equipment before it reaches its destination, if they are using a fibre link from the track to a network this is much quicker however BT ‘s network is still full of victorian copper equipment which will slow the process down. My guess is pictures to betfair and the bookies will become faster as more race courses become hard wired to a fibre network . I know this work is going on up and down the country as I was recently offered a position to do just that. Unfortunately I had to refuse as it would mean relocating to the south. Meantime I would gauge bet fair pictures on your computer to have a 1 to 2 second time delay. Appologies for being a geek.

  2. I have virgin, watching the French open on Eurosport (not HD) virgin was faster than bet365 by 2 sec . It was still behind a long way behind the exchange .

  3. Mark I haven’t understood this at the end : “Meantime I would gauge bet fair pictures on your computer to have a 1 to 2 second time delay”.
    You would speed our computers or you would make that computer pictures would have 1-2 second delay with your new job ?

    1. There would be a hard wired fibre link from the sports stadium or racecourse to the fibre link network, this is now happening in residential homes across the UK , its known as FTTP , fibre to the premesis so I would think for sure by now all courses in the UK have a fibre link, on a different note, has anyone susbribed to racing tv? Im attracted to it as it seems possible to have fast pictures and full screen capability , although after digging a little deeper they only show a couple of meetings per day and not full coverage as they state with 61 courses covered , for the time being its back to betfair with the tiny screen.

  4. I am a new user from India and i want a fast streaming audio or video anything could you sugges me which streaming is faster then betfair and bet365

  5. Another option would be to acquire a FM radio, okay you not get to see your chosen sport but there is minimal lag. For match special, Cricket it is a life saver and can inform you of wickets tumbling before bet365 and the exchange. A DAB radio is a couple seconds slower than an FM one but the reception is better.

    I recommend following with Cricket with Cricbuzz I think it is and Soccerstats and Infogol for football.

  6. I know this doesn’t help in play but I went to Doncaster dogs recently and I was amazed at the speed of the stream on bet365. It was almost exact. So it is possible…

  7. What equipment is needed and how to see raw feeds ? I’ve heard about people seeing them way ahead and doing live betting.Seeing satellite feeds directly from the event or somehow.

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