Day 23… Shocker!

Hey all….

What a shocker of a day!!! ‘pppft’ im glad its over in all honesty, I am.

I’ve had it all today, caught in-play twice, once on a small level and once pretty bad.. Internet connection failure leaving me near on a heart attack.

Some poor trades, loosing my cool and just general stress!!! but life goes on! haha

Betfair Connection Down

This is the moment when my connection completely cut out at MATCH POINT!!!

I had to reset my router and pray that it didn’t go against me… fortunately though for me the match was halted due to poor weather, once resetting my router I just hedged up although I’m not sure when the rest of the match is to be played. I’ll probably give up on that one now as the players are not likely to come out and continue playing exactly as they were.

On the other hand the racing was an absolute disaster!!

I got a bit emotionally attached to the market after being stung in-play which undone a catalogue of errors, they really didn’t need to happen but at least it wasn’t so bad I can’t cope with it!

Im sure trying to juggle the horses and learn the tennis at the same time will pay off eventually and more…

Betfair Trading Results

The markets today pre race felt really manipulated too.

I could see at points very large stakes working in conjunction with each other to force prices where they might not necessarily of gone, strange stuff… it probably didn’t really help me how I was feeling.

3 thoughts on “Day 23… Shocker!

  1. Try and look at the bigger picture. You’ll learn a lot more about how tennis markets operate if you give it your full attention not half hardheartedly flipping between the 2:30 and Murray match.

    They don’t move in the same ways so really need your full concentration. It’s not as if missing the afternoons racing will be a massive blow in the long run, especially if you manage to crack those lucrative tennis markets 😉 Wimbledon isn’t going to be on forever and half your profits probably come from the night stuff so might be worth taking a couple of afternoons off.

  2. Hi Daniel…. i seriously dobt it, there is no value to it and its sheer lunacy.

    Anon… your completely correct. for that very reason i might even do this today. got an angle in on the tomic gasquet match so think ill try there.

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